Postgraduate Students Profiles

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

1Charles MassimoCritical Success Factor Model and the implementation of Public Private Partnerships for educational infrastructure development in Zimbabwe State Universities 

Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Science

1Joseph P. MusaraSmallholder sorghum value chain development prospects for mbire district of Zimbabwe 
2Moreblessing ChisuroOptimizing maize yield under flood – recession cropping in the Zambezi valley floodplains, Northern Zimbabwe. 
3Charles MagogoSoil fungal diversity in indigenous forest of Zimbabwe. 
4Fadzai Miriam MoyoThe effects of in-contour rainwater harvesting and integrated nutrient management on maize yields in semi-arid Marange soil toposequences. 
5Pasipanodya ChiturikeAdoption of infield rain water harvesting technologies, crop intensification and their effects on maize yield in the semi arid areas of Marange, Mutare District. 
6Anitah Rwisai ChihotaData analysis of Tsetse population dynamics in the Zambezi valley. 
7Friday N.M. KubikuResilience in agriculture to climate change through sustainable crop intensification: An adaptive agro-ecological management approach for semi-arid small holder farmers in Zimbabwe. 
8Edmore MtetwaGenetic Relatedness of Zimbabwe  Open Polinated maize varieties based on single nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) and implications on morphological characterisation procedures. 
9Alphonce MatopeRelationship between conformation traits and heat tolerance in beef cattle. 
10Fungai F. GamuEvaluation of Adaptation and conservation agriculture practices by smallholder farmers: Factors influencing choice of practices and economic returns of these practices. A case of Mbire District, Zimbabwe. 
11Takunda DzavoRelationship between morphometric traits and health status in beef cattle. 

Faculty of Commerce

1Dondofema YotamuAn assessment of the industrial attachment : A case of Agricultural colleges in Zimbabwe 
2Vitalis BaseraOnline Marketing of Tourism and Hospitality 
3Samuel MwaleAn investigation of the impact of credit reference system on loan performance in the banking sector 
4Nhamoineni GadaFactors influencing corporate Sustainability disclosure  practices by Zimbabwe listed Companies 

Faculty of Science

1Cabinet Vimbiso Musuna GarweDevelopment and validation of a method to analyse pesticide residues that have been discontinued for use on tobacco in Zimbabwe 
2Pias MunosiyeiAmbrosia beetles and their fungi associates attacking Acacia polyacantha in Zimbabwe