Registration Notice To All Students

All students are advised that due to the current economic situation, every student is expected to pay full fees by the date of the first examination. No student will be allowed to write examinations without clearing all fees for the semester.
Please note that:

  1. Postgraduate fees have been reviewed upwards with immediate effect.
  2. Registration for the semester should be done upon payment of the following minimum fees:
    • All returning Undergraduate Programmes: RTGS$500.00
    • All new and returning Postgraduate Programmes: RTGS $1100.00
  3. Registration for the semester will strictly close on 30 September 2019.
  4. All students are urged to comply in order not to be disadvantaged.
  5. Students in university residence will be advised of new rates in due course and will be expected to pay the balances by 31 October 2019.