Registration Extension Notice To All Students

The University notes that there have been challenges in payment transactions with the Banks resulting in transactions remaining hanging and not showing in the University Accounts. This has necessitated the need to extend registration to Sunday, 20 March 2022.

 Students are advised to utilize this opportunity to register.

All students are reminded that starting Semester August to December 2022, registration shall be done before commencement of the semester.

Students are encouraged to use the Swipe method of payment at the University or into the University Bank Accounts specified on the University website. Payments through RTGS require that students present proof of payment in person (before closure of registration) to Students Accounts.

Payment methods such as ZIPIT, PAYNOW and Ecocash are not applicable. On payment, ensure names and Registration number are correct.

Please note: Unregistered students will not be eligible to write examinations.