Director, Public Relations and Protocol 

guturaMr J.J. Gutura
As the overseer of the department and the University spokesperson, the Director is responsible for providing Public Relations and Protocol guidance and services to university officers, Deans, Chairpersons, Students, and other agents of the university. He also advises on university communication requirements, plan and mount public relations programmes, takes responsibility of all protocol work and develops and maintain a distinct, high profile image of the University, among other crucial duties.
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Publications Officer 

Mrs P. Rafamoyo
The Publications Officer is responsible for liaising with media and producing University publications, i.e. Prospectus, Annual Reports, magazines, brochures and newsletters, among others. She ensures that the University receives positive publicity based on information presented to the media.  This will be in the form of news stories, university publications or merely supplying information in response to media inquiries.  Her portfolio also includes the production of DVDs or audio visuals documentaries on the university in general or special projects.
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Public Relations Officer 

Mrs J. Chingondo
The PRO is responsible for the formulation and implementation of public relations programmes.  Her other duties include molding public sentiments and establishing a public relations attitude on the part of all employees, students, and other stakeholders of the institution, to ensure that good relations exist between the university and its various publics.  

The PRO is also responsible for monitoring and analysing the University’s image on a continuing basis, and modify the public relations programme according to current requirement. She organizes or help organize major University functions. As a communications specialist, she maintains communication within the University through dissemination of information.
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Last ChagondaWebmaster

Mr Last Chagonda





Office Administrator    

Ms C. Chivhanga
As the face of the department, the Office Administrator undertakes administrative tasks, ensuring the rest of the staff has adequate support to work efficiently. Her duties include bookkeeping, booking appointments and making travel arrangements for the Director and other members of the department, servicing departmental meetings and receiving visitors.
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