Professor Rudhumbu Appointed Dean of the Faculty of Science Education


The University has appointed Professor Norman Rudhumbu as the substantive Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science Education with effect from 1 June 2019.

Professor Rudhumbu is an Associate Professor of Curriculum Studies and holds a Doctor of Education (D.Ed) in Curriculum Studies and Instruction from the University of South Africa, PhD in Curriculum Development and Management from University of Fort Hare (SA), MPhil in Curriculum Development and Management from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (SA), B.Ed in Mathematics from University of Zimbabwe, MSc in Strategic Management from Derby University (UK), MBA from North West University (SA), M.Ed from Zimbabwe Open University, C.E in Mathematics from University of Zimbabwe, Diploma in Computers from Infosol College, Certificate in Assessment of Outcomes-based Education from Botswana Qualifications Authority, and Certificate in Moderation of Outcomes-based Assessments from Botswana Qualifications Authority.

His work experience dates back to 1988 when he worked as a Mathematics teacher and Acting School Head at Ruwani Secondary School in Mt Darwin. From 1992 to 2003 he taught Mathematics and Physical Education at Masvingo Teachers College where he rose to Principal Lecturer grade. From January 2004 to July 2018 he went to Botswana to further his studies during which period he worked at Botho University and rose to become Department Chairperson, Assistant Dean and Acting Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. He joined Bindura University of Science Education in August 2018 as an Associate Professor in the Curriculum Studies Department and was subsequently promoted to the post of Acting Dean in the Faculty of Science Education in January 2019.

As an academic, Professor Rudhumbu published a number of research works in Peer Reviewed International Journals, published ten mathematics textbooks books, reviewed a number of refereed journals, engaged in consultancy work, was appointed an external examiner by the University of Fort Hare, supervised undergraduate and postgraduate (masters and PhD) thesis and attended several international conferences where he also made some paper presentations. A number of mathematics textbooks published by Professor Rudhumbu have since 2005, been used as prescribed books in both government and private schools in Botswana. Professor Rudhumbu has also so far successfully applied for 3 research grants and currently, with his Faculty of Science Education team, has also just submitted 2 other grant applications for sponsorship consideration.

Currently, Professor Rudhumbu is in the process of writing two textbooks, namely Curriculum Studies book together with Curriculum studies Department team and Edustatistics book together with a team from Science and Mathematics Education Department. These two books are expected to be published before the end of 2019. Professor Rudhumbu is also working with a team in the faculty to spearhead effective implementation of the new Primary and Secondary School curriculum through the use of the project-based approach. This approach will be pilot-tested in Mashonaland Central Province in the next few months before being rolled-out to other provinces once sponsorship for the project is secured.

The Vice Chancellor, Professor E. Mwenje and the university community congratulate him and wish him all the best as he takes up his new responsibilities.