Prof Mwenje Officiates at Gwangwava High School Prize Giving Ceremony


The Vice Chancellor, Professor E. Mwenje attended the Gwangwava High School Prize Giving Day where he was the Guest of Honour.  The event was held on 27th September 2019 at Gwangwava High School in Rushinga and was attended by the Rushinga local leadership; officials from the government, parastatals, uniformed forces and Non-Governmental Organisations; headmasters from other schools and the school’s alumni.

In his speech, Professor Mwenje expressed his gratitude to the school for extending a special invitation to him to attend the school’s Prize Giving ceremony.

“You saw it fit to invite me to this important event – I feel honoured and privileged to celebrate the achievements of Gwangwava High School with you,” he said.

He talked to parents about the importance of educating their children. He beseeched them to raise school fees for their children by all means possible to circumvent cases of school dropping due to financial challenges.

 “We hope to see more doctors, scientists and engineers coming out of Gwangwava School,” he said.

He paid tribute to teachers for the great work they were doing in shaping young minds to be great leaders of tomorrow. “Teachers give in a lot including their lives. They teach us values.”

He went on to urge school authorities to consider introducing sciences at both Ordinary and Advanced level. He said Bindura University of Science Education was eager to support this initiative so that science develops in the province.

Addressing students, Professor Mwenje encouraged them to utilise their time wisely and work extra hard in their studies as this was the basis of the development of any country. “If we do not work hard, the region is going to remain behind,” he said.

He encouraged students to acquire the necessary skills required for the jobs on the market. He added that the focus of education at the present moment was premised on acquiring skills instead of acquiring information only. “Jobs are there but they are no people with the right skills to do the work,” he said.

He encouraged students to desist from drugs, alcohol abuse and sexual activities. “They are things in life that won’t take you far – things that destroy your lives such as drugs and sexual activities. If you want to succeed shun such activities.”

As a topping to the cake, Professor Mwenje promised to give scholarships to students from the school who will enrol for science programmes at BUSE.

Also present at the occasion was the Director of Public Relations and Protocol, Mr JJ Gutura, members of staff from the Library and Marketing and Development departments.