Prof Manatsa Scoops World Research Award


The Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Professor Desmomd Manatsa raised the flag of the University high when he recently scooped the World Research Peace Award from the Research under Literal Access (RULA) International Awards. He was recognized as the best researcher in Ozone Impact on the Climate in the field of Climate Science for the year 2019, by the World Research Council.

The RULA International Awards are a token of appreciation and recognition towards acts of excellency. The awards are either given to individuals or institutions. The assessment for the awards is based on high levels of quality, value, rarity, extra ordinary show of excellency, flexibility, dedication and integrity among other things.
RULA has headquarters in Malaysia and operational Offices in India

Bindura University of Science Education is proud of this achievement and applauds hard work and commitment among its members.
Congratulations, Makorokoto, Amhlope

Visit this YouTube link on more information on the Award

Professor Manatsa’s latest publication on the discovery of ‘Ozone Hole ‘over South Africa al