Pro-Vice-Chancellor [Academic Affairs And Administration] [1 Post]

Dynamic individuals are sought to take up the positions listed below:-

  1. Pro-Vice-Chancellor [Academic Affairs And Administration] [1 Post]

Applications are invited from suitably qualified and experienced persons to fill the post of Pro-Vice-Chancellor responsible for Academic Administration.  The Pro-vice-Chancellor shall assist the Vice-Chancellor in the performance of his/her functions and, in addition, shall have such functions as may be specified in the University Statutes.


To provide leadership and coordination of teaching, research and publications matters including academic policies and standards.


In line with the relevant laws, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor Academic Affairs and Administration shall:

  • Assist the Vice-Chancellor in the performance of his or her functions and in that regard be responsible for the Academic Administration of the University;
  • Initiate, obtain approval of and promote academic policies, plans and programmes that enhance the academic and professional excellence of the University;
  • Oversee the development, implementation and review of the policy framework for monitoring the quality, standards and management of the University’s academic programmes;
  • Establish systems for the planning, development and review of undergraduate, postgraduate, research programmes and any other academic programmes of the University;
  • Oversee the selection and admission of students;
  • Initiate and coordinate the development and review of curricula for academic programmes offered at the University;
  • Ensure that the Education 5.0 heritage based model is infused in the University teaching and learning programmes and curricular;
  • Monitor compliance in setting and marking all examinations in accordance with the established regulations;
  • Establish systems for students’ timely completion of academic programmes.
  • Promote partnerships and networking for academic growth and development in the University;
  • Perform such other functions that may be delegated to him or her by the Vice-Chancellor.


  • Comprehensive and sound academic policies, plans and programmes developed and implemented;
  • Framework for monitoring quality, standards and management of academic programmes developed and implemented;
  • Undergraduate, postgraduate, research programmes and other academic programmes of the University planned, developed, implemented, reviewed and continuously improved;
  • Students admitted on merit and in accordance with existing regulations.
  • Regulations for setting and marking examinations adhered to;
  • Distinguished scholars recruited and retained and suitable External Examiners appointed;
  • Research projects carried out successfully and publications made;
  • Implementation of Education 5.0 Model, that is, innovation, and production of goods and services.


Academic Qualifications, Experience, Skills & Competencies:

  • Should have a PhD from a recognized University/Institution;
  • Should have at least ten (10) years of proven experience in teaching, research, leadership and administration, five (5) of which should have been at least at the rank of Dean of Faculty or equivalent in a reputable institution;
  • Should be a full Professor or Associate Professor;
  • Should demonstrate academic leadership through publication and research output;
  • Have an understanding of the relevant legal framework for management of higher education in Zimbabwe;
  • Should have good leadership, communication, negotiation and people management skills;
  • Corporate Membership of a Professional Body in one’s area of expertise will be an added advantage.

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Industrialisation is responsible for initiating, recommending, implementing, and monitoring policies, systems and procedures dealing with University research, innovation, industrialisation. The Pro-Vice- Chancellor shall report to the Vice- Chancellor and serves in his stead whenever requested and also works in collaboration with key administration leaders such as the Deans , Directors and other Principal Officers of the University.


The incumbent will be responsible for:

  • Initiating, recommending, implementing and monitoring policies, systems and procedures dealing with University innovation, industrialisation and business development;
  • Leading in the creation of Spinoffs, Joint Ventures and other short- term and long- term income generating projects;
  • Providing leadership, oversight and direction to the Faculties in all innovation, industrialisation, business development programmes, strategic partnerships and the services that support them;
  • Driving and implementing Education 5.0 across Faculties;
  • Facilitating, supervising and development of business development and partnerships;
  • Mobilising financial and human capital as well as technology resources and other resources for the University;
  • Providing leadership in business development and partnerships for the University;
  • Superintending over the establishment and the operations of innovation hubs which transform knowledge into wealth/ tangible products;
  • Supervising quality assurance policies which incorporates governance in Faculties leading to development of patents and copyrights in the institution;
  • Ensuring protection of Intellectual Property;
  • Spearheading and supervising sound scholarships through internationalisation of students and staff recruitment, which is an integral part of modern University;
  • Supervision of industrialisation, business development and strategic partnerships seminar series which discuss matters of international repute;
  • Fostering strategic partnerships that promote internationalisation of curriculum to include industrialization and business development;
  • Developing performance benchmarks and quality monitoring and evaluation frameworks for the institution’s innovation hubs and industrial parks;
  • Working with other executive members of the University, Deans and Directors to identify opportunities for innovation, industrialisation and business development;
  • Develop mechanisms for promoting innovation and production of goods and services with private and public companies, regional and international organisations, and other academic institutions;
  • Coordinating and facilitating collaboration with industry leading to the setting up of industrial hubs and parks;
  • Setting up corporate governance and compliance issues, risk identification and management for the University;
  • Ensuring internal compliance with national and international quality standards in the manufacturing, marketing and administrative processes associated with running projects and business;
  • Setting up business management systems that comply with best practice in procurement, processing, marketing and distribution value chains;
  • Maximise the impact of research, making the University research accessible to a wide range of businesses, Government and other organisations, nationality and internationally;
  • Grow applied research and consultancy, helping to increase the competitiveness and productivity of SMEs and national and multinational businesses;
  • Work with the Director of Research and Innovation to develop facilities and services to increase opportunities for new business ventures, launching new commercialisation of products, services and assets.


The Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Industrialisation should be a full Professor or Associate Professor who possesses an earned doctoral degree from an accredited institution and demonstrated analytical and business/problem acumen. A business related qualification would be an added advantage.

Competences and Experience

The ideal candidate must:

  • Be a prominent academic with a minimum of ten (10) years of related work experience, of which five (5) years should be at senior management level within a University institution at the level of Dean or Director;
  • Have a proven record of scholarship, research, publications, collaborations, networking and resource mobilisation;
  • Possess substantial experience in strategic academic planning, policy development, budgeting, and academic personnel administration in a higher education setting;
  • Experience in financial management, budgeting and ability to create wealth and to assist in the development and implementation of the University business projects; and
  • Have the ability to establish public and private partnerships to foster business relationships.

The post requires an outstanding academic with a distinguished record of innovation, industrialization, business development and implementations of business projects. Experience in field work, project and higher degree supervision, as well as a proven track record of research, publications, collaboration, networking and resource mobilisation is a requirement. Additional attributes that would have to be demonstrated are resourcefulness, interpersonal communication skills, ability to work with a team, provide leadership and embrace diversity. In addition, the candidate must be an individual of personal and professional integrity with a distinguished record of accomplishment in higher education and proven record of business achievement.


Electronic (email) OR hardcopy applications shall be accepted. Candidates should send:

Applicants must submit six sets of applications, certified copies of certificates (birth and academic certificates), and a Curriculum Vitae giving full personal particulars including full name, place and date of birth, qualifications, experience, present salary, date of availability, contact details, names and email addresses of three contactable referees addressed to;

Chairperson of Council

c/o The Registrar

Bindura University of Science Education

P.O. Bag 1020


Email Address:

The closing date for receipt of applications shall be 12 September 2022.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.