Press Statement on Fees

Notice Board
Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development
  • The Ministry wishes to advise the public that the new fee structure for Universities, Polytechnics, Teachers’ Colleges and Industrial Training Colleges has been finalized.
  • The cost of offering Higher and Tertiary Education is much higher than what students pay as the bulk of the actual cost is borne by Government in the interest of making Higher and Tertiary Education accessible and affordable by many students.
  • The fees structure has been arrived at as a collective and inclusive responsibility to ensure continued access, provision of quality education, sustenance and maintenance of institutions.

The agreed tuition fees are as follows:


School/Programme2020 Tuition Fees (RTGS) per Semester
Medicine / Veterinary Sciences5000
Sciences / Engineering & Technology4000
Arts and Humanities3500


LEVEL2020 Tuition Fees (RTGS) per term
National Foundation Certificate500
National Certificate1050
National Diploma/Diploma in Education1100
Higher National Diploma1200
Bachelor of Technology1500
  • Details of the cost of Ancillary fees, Accommodation and Meals can be found on the website of each institution as well as on the Ministry website. Please note that in the case of Universities, these costs vary from one University to the other as the circumstances of the Institutions are very different.
  • Amenities fee payable in Tertiary Institutions is pegged at RTGS1500 per term.
  • The Ministry is aware of the economic challenges that many students are facing; consequently, the Ministry has put in place a Higher and Tertiary Education Loan Guarantee Scheme to be accessed through the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ). Forms are available at the institutions and on their respective websites.
  • This press statement is meant to give the correct information to the public regarding the payment of tuition fees in Higher and Tertiary Education Institutions.

For further clarification on these fees, please contact the following Ministry Officials:

  1. Universities: Ms. E. Manuhwa on 0777 160 808 or 024 2700336
  2. Colleges: Mr. C. W. Mudzingwa on 0773 908 330 or 024 2252777

May the public be advised accordingly.

Professor Fanuel Tagwira