Notice to Staff

Notice Board

The University would like to inform all members of staff that following the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, the following measures have been put in place:

  • No face to face Teaching shall be done until further notice. However e- learning must continue in order to complete the teaching of all groups of students who were due to report for lectures starting from Monday 27 July 2020.
  • All examinations for Postgraduate and Part One students have been deferred to a later date which will be determined when the situation becomes favourable.
  • Part Two students already writing examinations will be allowed to complete their examinations within the shortest possible time and leave. The timetable shall be adjusted to allow them to write more than one examination on some days.
  • There should be minimum manning levels in the Academic Support Departments. If not required for invigilation, Academic Staff should work from home. Members must remain available when needed and must liaise with their Heads of Departments for necessary arrangements. Staff in the Security Department and ongoing Projects must report for work as usual.
  • With the current increase in COVID-19 cases countrywide, staff are advised to exercise due care and avoid unnecessary travel and mingling which may endanger their lives, workmates and family members. One must always wear a face mask, practice social distancing, sanitize hands and work environment. Washing of hands with soapy running water should be a habit. Staff should continue embracing digital and virtual forms of communication.
  • COVID-19 is real and therefore there is no room for complacency. Always assume that the person next to you could be positive. The University remains highly committed to the safety of its staff and students.
  • All face to face meetings remain suspended and our meetings should be conducted electronically.