Notice To First Year Students (1.1) On Campus Accommodation August – December 2022 Semester

The university wishes to inform our valued first year 1.1students that the following students have been offered on campus accommodation for the August – December 2022 semester.   Accommodation fee is ZWL 120 000.00 or USD $220.00.

The deadline for paying accommodation fees by successful students is Friday 19 August 2022. The University will withdraw the offer from students who would have failed to pay accommodation fees within the given timeframe.

USD Banking details

  1. CBZ Bank

Account Number: 66260902130112

  1. Ecobank

Account Number 5783600007547

ZWL Banking details

  1. ZB Bank

Account: 4536-743766-200

  1. CBZ

Account: 6626092130064

  • Those students who failed to secure campus accommodation should contact the Off Campus Co-ordinator Mr F. M. T. Zanza on 0714156592 for assistance in securing Off Campus accommodation.