Notice to All Students on Second Half of Semester 2 – December 2022 Results

We are happy to announce that our Second Half Semester December 2022 Results have been published and available on your portals.

Paid up students only can view their results. Students are kindly requested to clear their fees balances.

All students who have paid fees but still to reflect in their respective accounts, kindly scan and send your proof of payments to for those who used zb bank and for those who used cbz bank. This should be done as soon as possible.

Please ensure that following information is appearing on the proof of payment:

  • Full name,
  • Registration number,
  • Name and account details of the beneficiary bank,
  • Bank reference details, (e.g. CABSP225356A00023 for those from cabs to our accounts)
  • Date of transfer,
  • Payee bank details (bank details and name of account holder),
  • contact us on the following number for any assistance: contacts: +263662107311