Mrs. Jane Chiedza Pagan’a

Contact Details



Cell: (+263)772 723 926

Office #: B28 FSE Complex


Jane is an Applied Mathematician and a Mathematics Educator with the ability to work effectively with others in any sector as a Mathematician, Mathematics educator, and a researcher. She has a comprehensive understanding of how Mathematics can be applied in epidemiology, and other sectors of life. Her area of interest is in modeling infectious diseases as well as cell migration dynamics. Jane has a sound working knowledge of mathematics software packages like MATLAB, Octave, Mathematica, Maple, R, SPSS, and typesetting languages like Latex as well as data analysis packages and highly Computer literate. She is also proficient with Python packages.


  • Master of Science Degree in Mathematics, University of Zimbabwe, 2020
  • Master of Science Education Degree in Mathematics, Bindura University of Science Education, 2014
  • Bachelor of Science Education Honors Degree in Mathematics, Bindura University of Science Education, 2007
  • Diploma in Education, Mathematics, University of Zimbabwe, 2001

Research Interests

  1. Mathematical Modelling (Mathematical Biology, Epidemiology)
  2. Infectious disease modelling
  3. Modelling cell migration dynamics
  4. Biological pattern formation dynamics
  5. Financial Modelling-Investment Analysis
  6. Financial Inclusion
  7. Tariffs.

Research Publications

  • Mapfumo, K, Z; Pagan’a, J.C; Juma, V.O; Kavallaris, N.I; Madzvamuse, A. (2022). A Model for the Proliferation-Quiescence Transition in Human cells. Mathematics 2022, 10, 2426.
  • Chikuvadze, P; Zuva, J; Pagan’a, J. (2022), Exploring the implementation of continuous assessment learner activities in marginalised Zimbabwean secondary schools: A literature perspective. Vietnam Journal of Educational Sciences.
  • Kusotera, B; Ndlovu, T; and Pagan’a J.C. (2021), The Impact of Exchange Rates on Inflation Dynamics in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Technology (IJIEST), Vol 2, Issue 19.
  • Pagan’a, J; Nyikahadzoyi, M; Mutambara, L.H.N; and Chagwiza, C. (2015), The nature of the gap between the intended and the implemented Ordinary level Mathematics curriculum. A case study of Mashonaland Central Province. Journal of Educational Studies, vol 2, 14-21.