Mr Brain Kusotera

Contact Details

  2. +263772364274.


  1. Certificate in Python for Data Science, AI & Development (IBM , 2020)
  2. Certificate in Databases and SQL for Data Science with Python (IBM , 2020)
  3. Certificate in Data Analysis with Python (IBM , 2020)
  4. Certificate in Machine Learning with Python (IBM , 2020)
  5. Certificate in Data Visualization with Python (IBM , 2020)
  6. Certificate in Project Planning and Management Bindura University of Science Education- 2019)
  7. Certificate in Project Monitoring and Evaluation (Bindura University of Science Education- 2019)
  8. MSc in Operations Research and Statistics – First Class (NUST – 2016)
  9. BSc (Honours) in Operations Research and Statistics – First Class (NUST – 2013)


Brain Kusotera is a lecturer in the department of Statistics and mathematics, who has served the university since 2017. He teaches mostly statistics courses and among them include; probability theory, regression analysis, general linear models, applied statistics and financial derivatives. He is an accomplished researcher with an inclination towards business intelligence and biostatistics.

Research Interests

  1. Econometrics, Time series, Machine Learning, Biostatistics, Business intelligence.

Research Publications

  1. Mupondo, C. N., Kusotera, B., Mwembe, D., & Maposa, S. (2013). Use of multistage optimization technique in formulation of strategies to reduce customer churn problem facing mobile internet operators in Zimbabwe. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics; SciencePG. Volume 1, Issue 2.
  2. Kusotera, B., Chimire, F., & Mapuwei, T. W. (2018). An Analysis of Customer Churn for Mobile Network Operators in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering & Technology Volume 10 Issue 3.
  3. Kusotera, B., Mpofu, T., & Pagan’a, J. C. (2021). The impact of exchange rates on inflation trend in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Innovations in Engineering & Technology. Volume 19, Issue 2.
  4. Mapuwei, T. W., Ndava, J., Kachaka, M., & Kusotera, B. (2022). An application of time series ARIMA forecasting model for predicting tobacco production in Zimbabwe. American Journal of Modelling and Optimization. Volume 9, Issue 1.
  5. Nyagadza, B., Mazuruse, G., Muposhi, A., Chuchu, T., Makoni, T., & Kusotera, B. (2022). Emotions’ influence on customers’ e- banking satisfaction evaluation in e-service failure and e-service recovery circumstances. Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities; Volume 6, Issue 1, 100292