Mr. Aspire Mudavanhu

Teaching Assistant

BSc Hons. Biological Sciences, University of Zimbabwe


None published but submitted

  • Schols R, Carolus H, Hammoud C, Mulero S, Mudavanhu A, Volckaert F.A.M, Huyse T. (2019). A Multiplex Rapid Diagnostic PCR (RD-PCR) approach for xenomonitoring of human and animal schistosomiases in a One Health context. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene [In press].

Contact details
Cell: +263775720853

Major Research Summary

Aspire Mudavanhu is part of a inter-institutional research team whose main purpose is to identify and characterize the various trematode pathogens (mainly schistosomiasis and fasciolosis) in endemic regions of Zimbabwe and South Africa. We develop molecular methods for diagnosis of these parasites in both the snail intermediate host (xenomonitoring) and the mammalian host. We also map areas that are likely to serve as high transmission sites for the infections in context for both humans and animals. A general consensus exists that trematode epidemiology should be approached from a One Health perspective since human, livestock and ecosystem health are tightly interconnected.