Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Partners BUSE in Sport Development


The Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation partnered with Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) in the development of the University’s National Sports Academy and betterment of sport in the country. The signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was held in Harare on 20th December 2019. The Guest of Honour at the signing ceremony was the Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation, Hon. Dr K. Coventry.

The MoU is expected to boost the development of infrastructure for a High Performance Centre, which shall serve as a hub for sports development. It is also set to promote research in high-performance sport development and any such research that can improve decision making in sport as well as establishment of partnerships with international organisations and donour agencies to support joint programmes.

“I think it is marking the first of a long road. We are hoping that with this signing, and with this first step, there will be many more good things to come between BUSE and the Ministry.
“Some of those things that we will hopefully see is not just the building of infrastructure but a relationship in which sport at national level can benefit from,” she said.
Minister Coventry added that there was need for a scientific approach to sport development if the country was to get positive results at various levels of competition.

“I hope the university will provide not just a home for our athletes to flourish but, from a scientific and research purpose as country, we really need to look at our sport from a scientific approach in terms of what, as a country, we should be focusing on,” Hon Coventry said.

The Minister said this partnership is going to also assist in identifying the sport codes the country should be focusing on depending on how consistent they have been over the years. She said she has already started focusing on that and is working on a national strategy together with the Sports Commission.

“We want to be purpose driven in all areas and purpose driven in this relationship will be a two-way street. Purpose driven in what our expectations are as a Ministry of this working relationship with BUSE but also to know each other’s roles and responsibilities. We are very excited about the future that this MoU has for us,” said Hon Coventry.

The BUSE Vice Chancellor, Professor Eddie Mwenje said he was delighted with the development and pledged the University’s support to help the country turn around its fortunes in sport.
“We are aware of the immense talent that is present in Zimbabwe that would go to waste unless good infrastructure and, unless the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation, work together with academic institutions.

“We are also realising the Ministry’s strategy and thrust to ensure that there is research in our sports and we are excited that the research that we can do can actually find immediate application because the Ministry has actually put it down in writing,” said Professor Mwenje.

The signing ceremony was also attended by Chief Director in The Ministry, Mr B. Dube, Mrs E. Chidhakwa, who is also Director in the Ministry, BUSE National Sports Academy Director, Mr T. Zvomuya and Sports Commission Director-General, Mr P. Mupazviriho, among others.

BUSE houses the National Sports Academy, which facilitates the development of identified talent with the aim of achieving international success.