Minister of HTEISTD Urges Varsities to Take the Industrialisation Route

Bindura University of Science Education had the privilege of hosting the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development, Hon. Professor Dr. Amon Murwira on 11th June 2021. The Minister was at the University to check on the progress being made in terms of projects, innovations and research ahead of the planned visit to the institution by Cabinet Ministers.

The Minister was received by the Vice Chancellor, Professor Eddie Mwenje and some University administrators including the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Wilson Parawira; the Acting Registrar, Mr Stennly Chitera; the Acting Librarian, Dr Blessing Chiparausha; Acting Bursar, Mrs Colleta Chamboko; some Deans and Directors.

Professor Murwira had the opportunity to tour various University projects including construction sites for the Innovation Hub, Student Stock-Type Hostels and, the Engineering Workshop. He also toured the BUSE Farm which houses the Goat Breeding Project as well as the University Fish Ponds.

In a closed meeting with the University Administrators, the Minister applauded the University for applying the philosophy of education 5.0 through the various projects the institution was undertaking. He also talked about the impending visit to the institution by the Cabinet Ministers who wanted to see how Universities were faring in terms of innovations and industrialisation.

“It is quite a privilege and it has never happened in the history of this country that a whole cabinet comes to a University to see what our staff and students –  Our children, our boys and girls – are doing,” said Hon. Murwira.

He added that the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and Chancellor of the University, His Excellency, Comrade Dr Emmerson Mnangagwa believed in universities as gateways for the country’s industrialisation and development. He said that industrialisation was not taking place in the country because the old systems were configured to depend on other countries. The Minister stressed that it was high time Zimbabweans took the initiative to develop their own country.

“There is no country that is willing to develop another country. We are sincere that we can develop this country using our own hands and resources, and the only thing that we need to look at is reconfiguring our minds towards self-realisation,” he said.

Professor Murwira also encouraged Bindura University of Science Education to come up with research programmes which are aligned to global issues.

“The role of the University is to develop a research programme from which students can come up with research proposals that will result in projects that will be taken to the Innovation Hub and finally the Industrial Park. This University will definitely become a multi-billion holding, based on coordinated research,” said the Honourable Minister.

In his remarks the Vice Chancellor, Professor Mwenje expressed his gratitude to the Minister for his continued support, guidance and leadership to the University.

“It’s a privilege for us to be visited by you, our Honourable Minister. We thank you most sincerely for your leadership. As Vice Chancellors, we dream about our universities but, to be able to have a leader who is believing along with you or dreams ahead of you is quiet a privilege to us,” he said.

Apart from infrastructure projects and research, Professor Mwenje talked about other issues that were currently happening at the University including examinations for final year students that were going on. He also talked about the three hundred and eighty-six students (386) who had just joined the University under the Teacher Capacity Development Programme.