Dr. Michael Agyemang Kwarteng


  • 2021- Present, PhD in Optometry Candidate: University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  • 2020- Present, Research Associate: Deafblind International (DbI), Switzerland
  • 2018-2020, Master of Optometry (Research): University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  • 2010-2016, Doctor of Optometry: University of Cape Coast, Ghana
  • 2010-2014, BSc Ophthalmic Science: University of Cape Coast, Ghana

Research Interests

  • Low Vision and rehabilitation;
  • Clinical optometry;
  • Visual Optics;
  • Psychophysics;
  • Vision and visual function.

Publications (Peer Reviewed)

  1. Kwarteng MA, Mashige KP, Kovin KS, Boadi-Kusi SB, Govender P. The prevalence and causes of low vision and blindness among learners at the Akropong School for the Blind, Ghana. AVEH. 2021 In press
  2. Kyei S, Obeng PA, Kwarteng MA, Assiamah F. Epidemiology and clinical presentation of glaucoma in a referral facility in Ghana: any lessons for public health intervention? PlosOne. 2021; 16(1):e0245486
  3. Kyei S, Zaabaar E, Assiamah F, Kwarteng MA, Asiedu K. Comparison of the outcomes of manual small incision cataract surgery (MSICS) and phacoemulsification (PHACO): a study in Ghana. Annals Afr Surg. 2021. https://www.annalsofafricansurgery.com/outcomes-msics-phacoemulsification
  4. Kyei S, Owusu-Afriyie B, Tagoh S, Kwarteng MA, Nsiah P, Guramatunhu S. Clinical profile and sociodemographic characteristics of patients living with glaucoma and seeking care in a tertiary referral facility in Zimbabwe. Malawi Med J. 2021. Online first
  5. Kyei S, Assiamah F, Kwarteng MA, Ansah VK. Ocular biometry in an adult Ghanaian population. Kerala J Ophthalmol. 2020; 32(3): 252-257.
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  7. Tagoh S, Kyei S, Kwarteng MA, Aboagye E. Prevalence of refractive error and visual impairment among rural dwellers in Mashonaland Central province, Zimbabwe. J CurrOphthalmol. 2020; 32(4): 402-407.
  8. Kyei S, Aberor J, Assiamah F, Kwarteng MA. Optical Coherence Tomography indices in the diagnosis and discrimination of stages of Primary Open-angle glaucoma in an African population. IntOphthalmol. 2020. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10792-020-01652-6
  9. Kyei S, Assiamah F, Kwarteng MA, Gboglu CP. The association of central corneal thickness and intraocular pressure measures by Non-contact tonometry and Goldmann applanation tonometry among glaucoma patients. Ethiop J Health Sci. 2020; 30(6): 999-1004.
  10. Boadi-Kusi SB, Kwarteng MA, Asubonteng E. Development and Validation of the Minnesota Low Vision Reading Test (MNread) Acuity Chart for the Asante Twi language. Afri Health Sci. 2019; 19 (4): 2945-2953.
  11. Kyei S, Appiah E, Ayerakwa AE, Antwi BC, Kwarteng AM. Topical Ocular AnaestheticsHarbours Clinically Important Microbes. J Niger Optom Assoc. 2019; 21(1): 11-18.

Published Abstracts/ Conference Presentations

  1. Hayford-Mbrah G, Kwarteng MA, Kumah DB, Antwi-Adjei E. Correlation between Age, Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure, and Intraocular Pressure. COBREG. November 2020. Virtual Conference.

Awards / Grants

  • 2020: African Researchers’ Initiative (ARI) research grant, Deafblind International (DbI).
  • 2018: College of Health Science Masters/PhD Scholarship. University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Research Institute Affiliation(s)

  • 2020 – Present: African Researchers’ Initiative, Deafblind International (DbI), Switzerland.
  • 2018 – Present: Africa Vision Research Institute (AVRI), South Africa.

Extension services

  • Reviewer: African Vision and Eye Health Journal
  • 2019 – Present: Board Member, Oli Best Road Safety Organization, Ghana.
  • 2019 – Present: Senior Administrator, Oli Best Road Safety Organization, Ghana.