Mavesera and Mavuru Publish Heritage Studies Book


Two Bindura University staff, Dr Miidzo Mavesera and Mr Sam Mavuru recently published a textbook on Heritage Studies for Secondary Education. The development comes as a response to the introduction of a new school curriculum by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in 2016. The book was endorsed by the same ministry in November 2018.

The book offers comprehensive coverage of form 4 Heritage Studies requirements as outlined in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education New Curriculum 2015-2022.

In terms of content, the book covers a wide spectrum of issues including socialization, identity, norms and values, sovereignty and governance, national heritage, the constitution of Zimbabwe and, distribution of goods, among other topics.

Dr Mavesere and Mr Mavuru crafted this important book aiming to help learners develop into individuals who have a collective responsibility for protecting and investing in their cultural, natural and liberation heritage and wealth creation for posterity. The book inculcates in readers a spirit of national consciousness and moulds the human character which is the foundation of Unhu/Ubuntu/Vumunhu.

The Meeting Point congratulates the authors for publishing this important book.