Mr. Marshall Dhliwayo


  • MSc, Animal Science (UZ)
  • Certificate in Bioinformatics, AGERI (Egypt)
  • Diploma Pig Production, ptc+ Barneveld (Netherlands)
  • BSc. Agriculture, Animal Science (UZ)

 Research Interests

  • Sustainable Livestock Production
  • Use of agro-industrial wastes as animal feed

Extension interests

  • Small livestock farming as a tool for poverty reduction among smallholder farmers
  1. Kanda, A., Ncube, F., Mabote, R.R., Mudzamiri, T., Kunaka, K. and Dhliwayo, M., 2020. Trace elements in water, sediment and commonly consumed fish from a fish farm (NE Zimbabwe) and risk assessments. SN Applied Sciences, 2(9), pp.1-14.
  2. Dzavo T, Zindove T.J, Dhliwayo M, Chimonyo M, and Tivapasi M.T. 2020. Do haematological profiles of cows in drought prone areas differ with conformation? Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 18 (2), e0604, 14 pages (2020) eISSN: 2171-9292