Marketing and Development


The Department of Marketing and Development of Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) is an academic support department responsible for guaranteeing institutional visibility. The marketing initiatives ushered by the department ensure that the institution is able to lure new students in the wake of increased competition in the higher education sector. The new millennium has seen with it the sprouting of various rival institutions, all competing for a growing market share. The department therefore intends to maintain its relevance by competing and growing its market share. This it achieves by participating at trade shows, attending various career visits, and hosting career fairs. A source of revenue, the curio shop also assists the university in enhancing visibility through the sale of branded corporate wear. The department also offers graphic design services, on a commercial basis. The institution believes that brand loyalty plays a vital role in institutional development and growth. A vibrant alumnus will help the institution with resource mobilization, fostering a positive image, and other benefits that come with the establishment of a good working relationship with students and alumni. The maintenance of good relations with stakeholders such as industry helps the institution to secure places for industrial attachment for its students, ensuring graduate employment, and will also be handy in resource mobilization. It is therefore the department’s drive to usher a new era of relationships between BUSE and the industry by keeping in constant touch with them.