Dr. Lillias H. N. Mutambara


Email Address: tendaimutambara@gmail.com, lmutambara@buse.ac.zw

Contact Details: +263 773 239 164

Department: Mathematics and Science Education

Position:  Lecturer


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics Education (University of Kwazulu Natal, SA).
  • Master of Science Education in Mathematics (Bindura University of Science Education).
  • Bachelor of Science Education Honours Degree in Mathematics (Bindura University).
  • Diploma in Education in Mathematics (Gweru Teachers college).

WORK EXPERIENCE                                       

  •  Lecturer – Bindura University of Science Education – Zimbabwe (January 2010 to date).
  • Lecturer – Belvedere Teachers College – Zimbabwe (January 2008 – December 2009).
  • Assistant Lecturer – Bindura University of Science Education – Zimbabwe (August 2006 – December 2007).
  • Ordinary and Advanced Level Maths teacher – (1996 to August 2006).

Research: Area of interest.

 Mathematics Education:

  • Learning and teaching of Linear Algebra.
  • Application of APOS in the teaching and learning of Linear Algebra.
  • Pedagogical knowledge in mathematics.

Duties as a lecturer/ University service

  • Conduct lectures to allocated courses within the department.
  • Supervise student’s projects in various subject areas.
  • Carry out research in areas of specialty to contribute to the development of the university, students and the nation at large.
  • Participate in the university outreach programs.
  • Attend to departmental meetings as scheduled.
  • Member of OWSD
  • Student disciplinary committee and Chaplaincy Committee


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  • Kazunga C., Mutambara L. H. N., & Mapurisa, J. (2011). A carpentry cutting stock problem: A case study of planks cutting in Zimbabwe. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, 4(13), 18-29

Conferences Attended

  • Mutambara, L & Bansilal, S. (2016). Investigating students’ conceptions of vector subspaces and concepts in linear algebra: A pilot study, Paper presented at the 24th Annual conference of the Southern African Association for Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (SAARMSTE), 12 -15 January 2016.
  • Mutambara, L & Bansilal, S. (2015). Investigating students’ conceptions of vector subspaces and concepts in linear algebra: A pilot study, Paper presented at the Tenth Southern Hemisphere Conference on the teaching and learning of Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics (Delta). Port Elizabeth 22-27 November 2015.

Workshops Attended

  • Southern African Association for Research in Mathematics Science Education and Technology (SAARMSTE) Research Clinic 15-16 January 2016, Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Mastering the masters, workshops done by UKZN at Westville Campus on Use of Endnote, Microsoft word, Microsoft excel and UKZN Database, academic writing, Qualitative data analysis methods, Quantitative Data Analysis Methods, 20 September 2015
  • Southern African Association for Research in Mathematics Science education and Technology (SAARMSTE) Research School, 23-26 June 2015, Heia Safari Lounge, Honey Dew, Johannesburg, South Africa.


Name of student

Title of project

Mudziwepasi Benny

Exploring advanced level mathematics students’ understanding of numerical methods of integration: A case study of Karoi government secondary school, Hurungwe district.

Jane Tendere

Exploring students’ understanding of the concept vertex of parabolic function in secondary teachers’ colleges in Zimbabwe: A case study of first year two year programme student teachers at Mutare Teachers’ college.

Wara Nophas

Exporing the conceptual understanding of functions by advanced level mathematics students

Muchato Antony

The impact of the removal of incentives on the performance of teachers in secondary schools. a case study of Beatrice cluster in Seke district

Kasirori Sherperd

Advanced level students understanding of inequalities. A case study of Muzarabani District.

Shelomith Banda

The effect of incorporating YouTube videos for blended learning on secondary school students’ understanding of Mathematics