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Professor Wilson Parawira - Executive Dean

On behalf of the Faculty of Science, I would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Science at BUSE and thank you for visiting our webpage. The Faculty was established in 2012 and being the first Executive Dean of the Faculty, I feel greatly honoured by this opportunity to head and lay the ground of the new Faculty which strives for research excellence, strong community outreach and rock solid commitment to quality teaching.


Today, the Faculty of Science has seven dynamic Departments which offer stimulating Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programmes in a wide range of Science disciplines. The Departments are Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, Computer Science, Geography, Health Sciences and Sports Science. The Faculty trains Scientists for the country and the region in the following disciplines: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Health Sciences, Geography and Sport Science and Management.

Science is undeniably one of the key foundations of society in today's world and is often described as the foundation of various applied scientific studies, and its intent is to understand and explain natural and mathematical phenomena. Since ancient Greece, the main drive for studying Science has been curiosity, the ‘desire to know; Science is a culture whose advancement is motivated by curiosity.

Our academic programmes are internationally highly regarded and will provide you with an excellent intellectual and practical platform for a successful personal and professional life anywhere in the world. Each of the Departments has highly qualified academic and technical support staff. All our Departments have Advisory Boards comprised of professionals practising in industry and commerce. The laboratory infrastructure is well established and under continuous upgrading.

Our training programmes are regularly reviewed to incorporate emerging scientific and technological issues and we hope to develop ourselves to national and international role players in Basic and Applied Science teaching, research and community service and extension. The Faculty has substantial records of research achievement and it is not only committed to being a catalyst for promoting Science for human development, but also cares for the various communities around us. Our research outputs and quality are increasing every year. The Faculty also contributes to teaching of all content courses for Postgraduate and Undergraduate courses in the Faculty of Science Education. Our commitment is to provide students with the highest-quality education, research and service possible to meet the growing requirements of society, industry and various professions.

The Faculty is currently offering five MSc programmes and twelve Undergraduate programmes. More information on our programmes can be found in the University Student Information Handbook. We are also coming up with new and more relevant Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes to meet today and future societal needs. We also offer MPhil, which is a Masters by research and PhD studies through our various Departments.

Our students experience good research, teaching and learning opportunities and industrial attachment, all of which are intended to prepare them for employment in scientific and professional careers, undertake advanced professional training and pursue doctoral studies beyond their current programmes.

Our vision is to be a Faculty of excellence in teaching, research and community service in the fields of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Health Sciences, Geography and Sport Science and thus developing leaders of tomorrow capable of adapting to an
everchanging world.

The Faculty of Science is committed to offering high quality programmes and strives to recruit and produce scholars in the field of Sciences. We are committed to helping our students gain excellent training that includes a strong foundation in the Sciences and the freedom to shape their own degree paths. The Faculty is also committed to contributing to the well-being of the society and the improvement of the quality of the environment through Science teaching, learning and research. It seeks to contribute to the advancement of multidisciplinary research that will enhance the development of the nation and the region at large and to provide an environment where quality teaching and research in Science can flourish. It endeavours to be a hub of knowledge and a beacon of excellence in the pursuance and creation of opportunities that render scientific service to the University and the surrounding communities.

Faculty Office Staff

Prospective students, you are welcome and I truly hope that you will enjoy studying "great science" here and learning new skills. We look forward to welcoming you to the Faculty of Science.

For more information regarding our programmes and services, please contact the Executive Dean on:

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Phone: +263 716 800026 or +263 782 708530

Chairpersons of Departments and the Assistant Registrar can be contacted on:
Phone: +263 782 708530

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