Notice Board

The University wishes to inform all its registered students that the completion of the Semester which was adjourned due to Covid-19 shall be done in phases commencing on 1 June 2020. In order to minimise the dangers of the current pandemic, the University will operate as stipulated by Government. Students shall complete their Lectures and Examinations in specified periods as listed below: –

Level of Study Period on Campus
All Final Year Students studying in 4 and 3 year programmes (4.1; 4.2; 3.1; 3.2) All Science Based Programmes (1 Jun – 10 Jul 2020) Commerce and Social Sciences & Humanities (1 Jun – 3 Jul 2020)
All Second Year Students (2.1; 2.2) All Science Based Programmes (13 Jul – 7 Aug 2020) Commerce and Social Sciences & Humanities (6 – 24 Jul 2020)
All First Year Students (1.1; 1.2) All Science Based Programmes (10 – 31 Aug 2020) Commerce and Social Sciences & Humanities (27 Jul - 14 Aug 2020)

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Staff, students and all stakeholders must: –

• Wear masks all the time when in public – even whilst talking, to prevent aerosol release of the Covid-19 virus. If you remove your mask to eat or drink, it is imperative that you keep your distance from other people and comply with the social and physical distancing rules. Every student is required to bring at least two (2) face masks;
• Avoid all close contact with fellow students, co-workers and other stakeholders;
• Avoid contact based greetings such as handshakes, hugs, kisses and many others;
• Minimise and eliminate going out to public places as it increases your risk of getting infected;
• Avoid touching door handles and surfaces as much as possible;
• Wash hands frequently throughout the day for at least twenty (20) seconds and sanitize regularly;
• Implement the social and physical distancing rules maintaining the two (2) metre gap in totality;
• Avoid unnecessary moving between offices and rooms in the Halls of Residences. Rather students, staff and stakeholders should use email, WhatsApp and the telephones to communicate. Physical Meetings should be discouraged as much as possible; and
• Ensure that their rooms, homes and work places are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized every day.

Accommodation and Catering

• Students who wish to be considered for on Campus accommodation should contact the Full Time Warden on +263 772 406 832. Students must have paid their fees in full to be allocated on campus residences.
• Accommodation is limited and` shall be offered on a first apply first allocated basis.
• Students shall be accommodated in hostels closest to their places of learning to minimize movements. All students who stay Off Campus must report to Town Campus for temperature screening and obtain a Gate Pass before proceeding to their respective Boarding Homes. Students can also phone the Director, Off Campus and Student Development Programmes on +263 773 858 788 for assistance.
• Meal prices have been reviewed and students are encouraged to plan accordingly.

We all have a responsibility towards fighting the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Let us therefore act responsibly and save ourselves. Please let us stay alert in order to stay safe.

MP Neusu (Mr)
University Registrar