After realising the incessant pressure on the fiscus from various Government Departments, the university has decided to start fundraising activities to mobilize resources required to sustain the production of highly acclaimed graduates by the institution. The continued increase in the number of state universities and colleges that require state funding has overwhelmed the Government, hence the need to fundraise to plug the financial gap in order to cope with the requirements of the ever increasing student enrolment figures. As a growing institution, Bindura University of Science Education has got massive capital projects that require substantial funding to take off. The success of fundraising hinges on the support of the Alumni and the institution`s key stakeholders. Our major objective in fundraising is to mobilize financial and non financial resources through partnering our stakeholders to enable the institution to produce highly acclaimed graduates.

Through cooperation from our partners, the university can fulfill the following:

  • Creation of a conducive environment to learning, where infrastructure is adequate and maintained continuously and timeously
  • Assist financially disadvantaged students to complete their studies through scholarships
  • Capacitating business units (for example the University Farm, The Printing Press) to enable them to generate additional income for institutional development.
  • Library development to promote research

Nature of Donations
For purposes of convenience to our potential sponsors, the university will not prescribe types of donations that they can advance the institution. Donations can be made in cash or kind, and these can take the following nature:

  • Funds for capital projects
  • Infrastructural refurbishment
  • Corporate adoption of lecture rooms or blocks and related facilities
  • Building materials
  • Books for library development
  • Funds for scholarships
  • Equipment and property (for example computers, laboratory equipment, buildings for use by the university)
  • Institutional international exchange programmes and staff development fellowships.

Priority Projects that Require Urgent Funding
As a young institution, Bindura University of Science Education has massive infrastructural projects that require immediate financial support. These are:

1. University Main Library Construction
The University Library at Astra Campus was hit by flash floods on the 3rd of January 2015. This resulted in the loss of reading material, computers, furniture running into millions of dollars and this heavily disadvantaged students and staff in the faculties housed at the Astra Campus. The Main Campus Library is now congested as students from all the faculties converge at the library for services. The sitting capacity for the Main Campus Library reduced to fifty students against a student population of 7 000 students (as this had to accommodate the remnants of reading materials and the salvaged equipment from the affected Astra Library) As a result of this disaster, the library was condemned, and this prompted the university to relocate the main library to the Town Campus. This is a very urgent project which should have been completed in time for use by the August to December 2015 semester. It is within this background that the University kindly appeals to well wishers for partnerships in cash and kind to build the Town Campus Library.

Cash Donations can be deposited into the following account:
Account Name: School Saver Library Project
Account Number: 662609213004
Name of Bank and Branch: Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe
Branch : Bindura
Swift Code: COBZZWHA
Bank Address : 751 York Street, Bindura, Zimbabwe
Telephone Number: +263 271 6140

2. Construction of Students Hostels
For a long time now, the University has been suffering an acute shortage of on campus accommodation. With a total student population of over 7000 students, the institution can only accommodate 398 students on campus, leaving the rest of the students to be accommodated off campus. This has exposed students to negative vices of the society. On campus accommodation will provide adequate security to the students. The university has two sets of incomplete student hostels which could not be completed due to the unavailability of financial resources. An estimated budget of $12, 5 million is required to complete the two sets of hostels.

3. The National Sports Academy
The institution houses the National Sports Academy as mandated by the Government in 2005. The major thrust of the academy is mainly hinged upon the identification and nurturing of local sports talent to acceptable local and international standards. The Academy is at its early stages of development and does not have the requisite infrastructure in place to enable it to attain its objectives.
There is need to construct sports facilities for various disciplines ranging from soccer, judo, badminton, karate, athletics, etc. The University kindly requests for partnership in the construction of the aforementioned facilities.

The Sports Academy requires assistance in the following areas:
• Adopting an Athlete (all disciplines)
• Construction of soccer cum athletics fields
• Construction of universal courts (netball, tennis, basketball)

4. University Functions & Events
The University hosts a number of functions for students and staff development frequently and these require funding in order to succeed. These functions among others include the ones tabulated below: