Dr Jeffrey Kurebwa

Dr Jefrey KurebwaQualifications


Department: Peace and Governance
Phone: +263772121563
Email: jeffkurebwa@yahoo.co.uk

Research Interests: Gender and local governance, rural development, HIV and AIDS

Research Publications

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  1. Kurebwa, J. (2018). EU-Zimbabwe Relations: Prospects for Re-engagement after the new Political Dispensation. 3rd Annual International Conference on European Union Studies (AICEUS), 23 March 2018, Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy Campus, Harare, Zimbabwe
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Committee Member: Bindura District Anti-Gender Based Violence Coordinating Committee (January 2015-present)

  • Implementation of anti-gender based violence campaign programme against adolescent girls and young women.
  • Training church leaders, pastors, traditional leaders and representatives of NGOs on the causes, effects and measures to curb gender based violence.
  • Providing psycho-social support to victims and survivors of Gender Based Violence in Bindura District.
  • Holding awareness and advocacy campaigns on spousal and domestic violence.
  • Gender sensitisation.