Darlington Ngoni Mahuku


  • Master of Arts Degree in International Relations (Wits)
  • BA Honours in International Relations (Wits)
  • BA General UZ

Department: Peace and Governance
Phone: +263773115964
Email: dnmahuku@yahoo.co.uk

Research interests

Issues of governance, elections in Africa, Civil-miliary relations in Africa and politics.

Research Publications

  1. B.B.C. Mbanje & D. N. Mahuku (2011) European Union sanctions and their impacts on Zimbabwe 2002-2011: Finding alternative means to survive, Sacha Journal of Policy and Strategic Studies, Vol. 1, Number 2 .
  2. B.B.C. Mbanje & D.N. Mahuku (January 2012) Selective nuclear development in the international system: The case of Iran, International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, Volume 2, Number 2.
  3. B.B.C. Mbanje & D.N. Mahuku ( January 2012) The effectiveness of the Nuclea Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in curbing Iran’s nuclea programme, Journal of Law and Social Sciences, Volume 1, Number 1.
  4. D.N. Mahuku & B.B.C. Mbanje ( October 2012) Economic structural adjustment programmes (ESAP) and multi-party politics: a new threat to African nationalist parties in Zambia and Zimbabwe? Sacha International Academic Journals, England.

Work Under review:

  1. D.N.Mahuku & B.B.C. Mbanje (December 2015) Civil-Military nexus: An Analysis of the impact of hyperinflation on the behaviour of the military in Zimbabwe, Journal of Southern African Studies .
  2. B.B.C. Mbanje & D.N. Mahuku (2016) Participation and state capture in NGOs development Projects: a critical analysis of NGO development in Zimbabwe, Sacha Journal of Humanities and social sciences .

Current work

  1. D.N.Mahuku, B.B.C Mbanje & Fr. O. Wermter, Better of bitter citizens: An analysis of the Zimbabwean political economy since 2000.
  2. B.B.C Mbanje, Panganai Kahuni (the Zimbabwe Defence Forces) & D.N. Mahuku : Women and the Military: Can the SADC Region achieve a 50-50 representation?.
  3. B.B.C. Mbanje, D.N.Mahuku, L. Gonzo & P. Svongoro( UZ linguistics department) Language as a tool for political manipulation: analysing media discourse prio to elections.
  4. D.N. Mahuku, B.B.C. Mbanje, L. Gonzo & P. Svongoro; War veterans in Zimbabwe: defenders of sovereignty or self interests?” A member of the American Research Institute for Policy development

Extension Services

  • Assisting students at the Centre for Diplomacy in Belgravia, Harare
  • Assisting members of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces who are doing their PhD studies.”