Bowden B.C Mbanje


  • Master of Science Degree in International Relations-UZ
  • Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Political Science-UZ
  • Bachelor of Technology: Education Management Degree-Technikon

Department: Peace and Governance
Cell: +263773012297; +263784620427

Research Interests
International Relations, Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, Strategic Studies, Political Science, Development Studies with a special bias towards Participatory Development

Research Publications

  1. Sacha Journal of Policy and Strategic Studies Vol 1 No. 2 2011: European Union sanctions and their impacts on Zimbabwe 2002-2011: Finding Alternative means to survive
  2. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Vol 2 No 2 Special Issue –January 2012: Selective nuclear development in the international system: The case of Iran
  3. Global Science and Technology Forum: Journal of Law and Social Sciences Vol 1 No 1-January 2012: The effectiveness of the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in curbing Iran’s nuclear programme: A Critical Analysis.
  4. African Journal of Social Sciences Vol 3 No 1 2013: Economic Structural Adjustment Programmes (ESAP) and Multi-party politics: A new threat to African nationalist parties in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Published articles in non-refereed journals

  1. Participation and Elite Capture in NGO Development Projects: A Critical Analysis of Development NGOs in Zimbabwe – Under Review – Sacha Journal of Policy and Strategic Studies, January 2016 (B.B.C Mbanje and DN Mahuku)
  2. Civil Military Nexus: An Analysis of the Impact of Hyper-Inflation on the Behaviour of the Military in Zimbabwe – Under Review – Journal of Southern African Studies, December 2015 (D.N. Mahuku and B.B.C Mbanje)
  3. Women and the Military: Can the SADC Region achieve 50-50 Representation – Research work is still in progress – We intend to submit it to the African Journal of Social Sciences after completion; (B.B.C Mbanje – Collaborative work with Colonel Panganai Kahuni, Zimbabwe Defence Forces)
  4. Language as a tool for Political Manipulation: Analysing Media Discourse prior to Elections in Zimbabwe – Work is still in progress – Collaborative work with Lameck Gonzo and Paul Svongoro, Department of Linguistics, University of Zimbabwe
  5. Better or Bitter Citizens: An Analysis of the Zimbabwean Political Economy since 2000 – Work is still in progress (D.N Mahuku and B.B.C Mbanje)

Research highlights
Was chosen to be a representative of SACHA Journals in Zimbabwe from 2014-2015

Extension services Highlights

  • Assisting students at the Centre for Diplomacy in Belgravia in areas which cover a broad spectrum of International Relations and Political Science – 2014 – 2016
  • Assisting Colonels in the ZNA with relevant literature for their PhD studies 2014 – 2016