Dr Munyaradzi Elton Sagiya


  • PhD, Archaeology, University of Zimbabwe, 2022.
  • MA, Heritage Studies, University of Zimbabwe, 2014.
  • BA (Hons), Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies, 2009


  • Lecturer, Culture and Heritage Studies
  • Coordinator, Culture and Heritage Studies Programme

Phone: +263 775102724

Email: msagiya@buse.ac.zw

Research interests

  • Decolonising museums and heritage management practices,
  • African archaeology
  • Dry-stone masonry heritage
  • Water heritage
  • Heritage futures


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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Published Peer-Reviewed Books Chapters

  • Sagiya, M.E and Pwiti, G (in-press) Conservation and management of archaeological heritage in the Hwange National Park, north-western Zimbabwe, in P. Shenjere-Nyabezi, G. Pwiti and D. Gronenborn (eds) An overview of The Past in The Present: The Zimbabwe Culture and Other Archaeological Heritage in North-Western Zimbabwe Research Project. Harare: Weaver Press. (PhD research)
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