Yvone Utaumire

Yvone WutaumireContact Details
Cell: +263783660210
Email: utaumire @yahoo.com
Private Bag 1020

Academic Qualifications for Ms Y Utaumire ( Lecturer )

  • MSc Physical Education, Sports and Recreation Sciences (University of Matanzas, CUBA)
  • BSc Physical Education and Sport (International School of Physical Education and Sport, CUBA).

Major Report Summary
Title :A set of computers application to plan, control and follow the Sports Academy athletes training process.

Extension Services

  1.  Identify areas where there are deficiencies in current theoretical and practical competences among sports administrators and coaches in Bindura community and surroundings.
  2. Attend workshops and courses
  3. Talent identify athletes in their different sporting activities especially athletics (track events).
  4. Physical training to athletes in the Sports Academy to maintain appropriate body weights and fitness
  5. Chaperone athletes in the Sports Academy when they travel to participate in their different athletic events.
  6. Presenting different Physical Activity and Sport topics.