Dr. Mangwiro Magodora

Contact Details

  1. mmagodora@buse.ac.zw
  2. mmagodora@gmail.com
  3. Phone: +263 774324963



I am a versatile, dedicated and innovative mathematics and statistics educator and researcher with international teaching, community engagement and research experience. I have taught a diverse range of mathematics and statistics courses and I have also reviewed curricula and developed new degree programmes. I also possess excellent communication, collaborative and team building skills, as evidenced by my interdisciplinary research outputs and collaborative research initiatives with international partners. I also have a demonstrated history of working in the conventional as well as the online and the open and distance modes of teaching and learning. I am highly skilled in problem solving, teamwork, counselling and public speaking.  I am proficient in Numerical Modeling, MATLAB, Mathematica, R, Microsoft Office and Latex. I possess extensive experience in teaching Engineering Mathematics, Fluid Mechanics, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Linear Algebra and many more. In addition, I am equipped with the necessary skills, competencies, dedication, zeal and a strong desire to generate and share knowledge with others.


  1. PhD in Applied Mathematics (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa).
  2. MSc in Mathematics (University of Zimbabwe, UZ).
  3. BSc. (Honours) Mathematics (UZ).
  4. Graduate Diploma in Education (UZ).
  5. Certificate of Proficiency – Short Term Business (Insurance Institute of Zimbabwe).
  6. 3MC Mini-Course on Mathematical Modeling in Biology, North West University (NWU), South Africa.
  7. 3MC Mini-Course on Climate Modeling, NWU, South Africa

Research  Interests

  1. Numerical Modeling of Nanofluid Boundary Layer Flows,  Numerical Modeling of the Atmosphere and Waves, Epidemiological Modeling of Infectious Diseases, Data Science.

Research Publications

  1. Magodora, H. Mondal, S. Motsa and P. Sibanda, (2022), “Numerical studies on gold-water chemical reacting nanofluid with activation energy past a rotating disk”. International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics, 8(1), 1-17.
  2. Magodora, H. Mondal and P. Sibanda, (2022), “Effect of Cattaneo-Christov heat flux on radiative hydromagnetic nanofluid flow between parallel plates using spectral quasilinearization method”. Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics, 8(3), 865-875.
  3. Magodora, H. Mondal, S. Motsa and P. Sibanda, (2021), “Effect on entropy generation analysis for heat transfer nanofluid near a rotating disk using quasilinearization method”. Journal of nanofluids, 11(3), 318-327.
  4. Magodora, H. Mondal & P. Sibanda, (2020), “Dual solutions of a micropolar nanofluid flow with radiative heat mass transfer over stretching/ shrinking sheet using spectral quasilinearization method”. Multidiscipline modeling in materials and structures, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 238-255.
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