Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Computer Science

This is a four-year degree programme where students are expected to go on attachment during their third year of study.

Features of the Degree Programme
The Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Computer Science equips graduates with a strong foundation of study in Computer Science that includes Networking, Software engineering and Programming all concerned with the practicalities and technicalities of developing and delivering software. The four year course aims to prepare graduates to be scientific “Self Reliant” and Scientific Competitive” which is a hybrid of inward looking and global approach.  Graduates are well trained to have the requisite theoretical, technical and practical knowledge and enjoy a highly versatile course of study that prepares them ultimately for a number of high technology and entrepreneurship careers in the field of Computer Science. Their skills include Networking, Software Engineering and Project Management, Object-Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Databases, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Security and Management of Information systems.  The programme is accredited with the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE).

Entry Requirements:
All applicants have to meet  the following minimum requirements for admission prescribed under the general regulations (i.e.):

  • Have obtained at least five Ordinary Level subject passes including English Language and Mathematics passed with a grade C or better
  • Passes in A’ Level Mathematics and or Physics and any one of the following A’ Level subjects (Accounting, Economics, Computing, Biology, Chemistry and any other relevant science subject)
  • Candidates without A” Levels but are holders of the HEXCO National Diploma in Computer Studies or Information Technology or its equivalent and have relevant experience, may be considered.

Structure of the Programme

Part I
CS101                  Introduction to Computer Science
CS102                  Introduction to Computer Programming
CS103                  Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science
MT101                  Linear Mathematics I
MT102                  Calculus I
PH107                  Physics for Computer Science
HS101                  HIV/AIDS Education
PC103                  Communication Skills
CS111                  Operating System Concepts
CS112                  Object Oriented Programming I
CS113                  Computer Architecture
CS114                  Introduction to Linux
CS115                  Systems Analysis and Design
MT111                  Calculus II
PH206                  Electronics I
PC103                  Communication Skills                

CS201                    Database Concepts
CS202                    Management Information Systems
CS203                    Object Oriented Programming II
CS204                    Microprocessors
CS206                    Research Methodology
PC108                    Citizenship Education and Conflict Transformation
CS211                    Theory of Programming Languages
CS212                    Data Communications and Networking
CS213                    Data Structures and Algorithms
CS214                    Internet and Web Designing
CS215                    Theory of Computation
CS216                    Software Engineering
CS217                    Software Design Methodology

CS300                    Industrial Attachment

Part IV
CS401                    Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS402                    Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
CS403                    Simulation and Modelling
CS404                    Software Project Management
CS405                    Digital Signal Processing
CS406                    Embedded Systems
CS407                    Expert and Decision Support Systems
CS411                    Computer Graphics
CS412                    Computer Security
CS413                    Advanced Database Designs and Management
CS414                    Research Project
CS415                    Distributed Systems
CS416                    E-Commerce
CS417                    Compiling Systems Desig