Prof N.Chaukura 2018
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Office: B10, Consultation hours: Mon: 1400-1600, Tue: 1200-1400, Wed: 1500-1600, Fri: 1000-1200 hrs.
PhD in Materials Chemistry (University of Manchester, UK), MA in Educational Studies (University of Sheffield, UK), MSc in Analytical Chemistry (UZ), BSc (Honours) Chemistry (UZ), Qualified Teacher Status (General Teaching Council for England), Quality Assurance (City & Guilds of London Institute).
Physical Chemistry: Part 1 – Part 4
Materials Chemistry; Nanomaterials: MSc Physical Chemistry
Plastic Technology: Part 1
Engineering Materials: Agricultural Engineering Part 1

The design and synthesis of functional materials for the removal of emerging pollutants from environmental systems.
Nanotechnology for water sustainability and other applications.
Natural organic matter in drinking water: treatability, removal and development of techniques for removal of disinfection by-products.

Current students

Student Studies Research area
Felistas Mudhari DipEd Plastics recycling
Edmore Muzawazi BSc (Hons) Chem Effluent contaminated with antibiotics
Jameson Makonese BScEd Remediation of contaminated raw water using materials derived from food waste
Robert Chiworeso MSc Analytical Chemistry Ceramic filters for water purification.
Dixon Natsira MSc Analytical Chemistry The coagulation process
Mbonisi Maphosa MSc Analytical Chemistry A low-cost water treatment approach for poor communities.
Nathan Thusabantu MSc Physical Chemistry Valorization and applications of algal biomass 
Sibongile Malunga MSc Physical Chemistry Photocatalytic applications of nanocomposites derived from waste
Gerald Katengeza MSc Physical Chemistry A point-of-use ceramic filter for poor communities
Rufaro Kawondera MSc Physical Chemistry De facto water re-use.


Prof. W Gwenzi – Soil Science Department, University of Zimbabwe
Dr TI Nkambule & Prof BB Mamba – Nanotechnology and Water Sustainability Research Unit, University of South Africa.
Dr H Mungondori – Chemistry Department, University of Zimbabwe.

Peer reviewed publications


  • P Tshindane, PP Mamba, L Moss, U Swana, W Moyo, MM Motsa, BB Mamba, N Chaukura, and Thabo TI Nkambule (2019) The occurrence of natural organic matter in South African water treatment plants. Journal of Water Process Engineering. Accepted.
  • S.N Ndiweni, M Chys, N Chaukura, S.W.H Van Hulle, T.I Nkambule (2019) Assessing the impact of environmental activities on natural organic matter in South Africa and Belgium. Environmental Technology. DOI: 10.1080/09593330.2019.1575920.


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