Musekiwa C

  • Licentiate in Education Degree in Chemistry, Cuba,
  • MSc Anal Chem, UZ.


1.    Dzomba, P., Togarepi, E., Musekiwa, C, and Chagwiza, C.J.  (2012). Improving oxidative stability of soya and sunflower oil using Temnocalyxobovatus extracts. African Journal of Biotechnology 11(50), 11099-11103

2.    Dzomba, P., Togarepi, E. and Musekiwa, C.  (2012). Phytochemicals, antioxidant     and antibacterial properties of a lichen species Cladoniadigitata. African Journal     of Biotechnology 11(31), 7995-7999.

3.    Mupa, M., Dzomba, P., Musekiwa, C., Muchineripi, R. (2013). Lead content of lichens in metropolitan Harare, Zimbabwe. Air quality and health risk implications. Greener Journal of Environmental Management and Public Safety, 2(2). 75-82.