Mr. Isaac Gwizangwe

  • MScEd -Mathematics (BUSE, ZIM)
  • BScEd – Mathematics and Chemistry (UZ, ZIM)

Cell: +263 772 773 753 or +263 712 751 571

Research Interests

  • Mathematics Education
  • Mathematics Teaching and Teacher Education
  • Out of Field Mathematics Teaching
  • Ethno mathematics
  • Use of ICT in teaching and learning of Mathematics and/or Chemistry
  • Project Based Learning (PBL) in mathematics and chemistry

Work Experience

  • July 2018 to date – Lecturer, Department of Science and Mathematics Education, Bindura University of Science Education, Zimbabwe.
  • September 2016 to date – External Examiner, University of Zimbabwe, Department of Teacher Education
  • January 2007 to June 2018 – Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Bindura University of Science Education, Zimbabwe.
  • March 2002 to December 2006 – Teaching Assistant- Department of Chemistry, Bindura University of Science Education, Zimbabwe.
  • Jan 2001 to February 2002 – High School Chemistry and Mathematics Teacher, Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.


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