Dr Cleopas Machingauta

Lecturer: Physical Chemistry

E-mail: c_machingauta@yahoo.com, cmachingauta@buse.ac.zw


Dr. Cleopas Machingauta received a BSc. Honours degree in Chemistry from the University of Zimbabwe in 2005. His BSc Chemistry Honours project was titled; Designing dye sensitized solar cell: using locally available materials; he was working under the supervision of Prof. Marijn Goes (visiting Prof. from Netherlands). He received a Ph.D. degree in Physical-Inorganic Chemistry; working with Prof. Jeanne M. Hossenlopp, from Marquette University (USA) in 2013.The title of his dissertation was Synthesis, characterization and application of composite nanomaterials for environmental remediation purposes.In September 2013, he joined the faculty of science at Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE).


His research involves both fundamental and applied studies in materials science, with a bias towards nanomaterials.

Current projects include:

  1. Fabrication and characterization of nanodimensional layered metal hydroxide and other related nanomaterials and their application as “green” materials for water qualityapplications. The work involves modeling the adsorption/exchange reaction kinetics in order to reveal the fundamental principles that govern the aforementioned processes, and how they can be optimized.
  2. Coupling photosensitive metal oxides (MO) or mixed metal oxides (MMO) with layered metal hydroxides as support materials or co-catalysts for the degradation of organic water pollutants.
  3. Utilization of metal or metal oxide catalysts for the mineralization of organic pollutants.

Long-term research ambitions.

Application of computational chemistry to reveal the reaction dynamics taking place within d spacing of layered nanomaterials in an effort to better understand the chemistry of these materials.

  1. Fabrication of nanosensors capable of detecting microbes and toxic pollutants at very minute levels.