Bachelor Of Science Honours Degree In Chemical Technology Degree

The Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Chemical Technology is a four year programme. The programme consists of taught courses, a research project and an industrial attachment. Taught courses cover broader areas of basic and applied chemistry. The basic courses are general chemistry, analytical inorganic, organic and physical and polymer chemistry.

After having acquired a deeper theoretical understanding of chemistry, they are exposed to such applied areas of chemistry as plastic technology, medicinal, agro-chemistry, fermentation technology, pharmaceutical technology, materials chemistry, industrial chemistry and mineral processing. With this degree programme, graduates are well equipped with deeper theoretical understanding of the most important aspects of chemistry. They can easily pursue further studies in chemistry at any university.

The applied component of the degree programme enables the graduate to acquit him/herself in such sectors of the economy as chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, food and beverages manufacturing and public sector institutions. The industrial attachment component enables the graduate to adapt to any manufacturing environment and analytical laboratories

Employment Opportunities
Job opportunities for our graduates prevail in:

  • The science teaching field
  • Chemical Industry
  • Graduates can take up MSc programmes in any chemistry field of their choice

Entry Requirements:
All aplicants have to meet  the following minimum requirements for admission prescribed under the general regulations (i.e.):

  • Have obtained at least five Ordinary Level subject passes including English Language and Mathematics passed with a grade C or bettepr
  • Have obtained a Pass at A-Level in Chemistry and have one of the following subjects or their recognized equivalents: Biology, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Physical Science, Agriculture, Computer Sciences, Food Science

Structure of the Programme

Part 1
Code                       Description
CH101                     Physical Chemistry I
CH102                    Inorganic Chemistry                           
CH104                     Analytical Chemistry I                                         
CH106                     Mineral Processing                                                
MT109                     Mathematics for Chemists  
PH121                     Physics for Chemists                                                          
CH103                     Organic Chemistry I                                                            
CH108                     Polymer Chemistry                                                              
CH110                     Industrial chemistry I                                                          
CH111                     Material Chemistry                                                  
CH112                     Laboratory Techniques                      

PART II                                                                   
Code                       Description
CH201                     Physical Chemistry II                                                         
CH202                     Inorganic Chemistry II                                       
CH203                     Organic Chemistry II                               
CH204                     Analytical Chemistry II                                        
CH205                     Introduction to Medicinal
CH206                     Quality Management System                              
CH207                     Laboratory Quality Management        
CH208                     Plastic Technology                                    
CH209                     Mineral Technology                             
CH305                     Agro Chemicals                                      
CH306                     Forensic Technology                                         

Code                       Description
CH320                     Industrial Attachment                          

Code                       Description
CH301                     Physical Chemistry III                                         
CH302                     Inorganic Chemistry III                                                      
CH303                     Organic Chemistry III                                          
CH304                     Analytical Chemistry III                                       
CH323                     Advanced Organic Chemistry                           
CH424                     Environmental technology                                
CH401                     Pharmaceutical Technology                                              
CH402                     Pulp and Paper Technology                              
CH403                     Fermentation technology                   
CH470                     Project