MSc Applied Microbiology and Plant Pathology

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for admission a candidate must have:

  • BSc Honours Degree in any of the following disciplines: Biological Sciences, Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Crop Science or any other relevant degree with at least a 2.2 grade or equivalent from this and other recognised institutions.
  • Applicants without an Honours Degree or with passes lower than 2.2 may be considered for the programme if they have at least two years relevant experience.

Duration of the Programme
The programme shall consist of two academic years of full time study.

Structure of the Programme
In order to be awarded the Degree, students must have passed or be credited with all courses designated as core and at least two other taught courses in EITHER Microbiology OR Plant Pathology option.

Part I: Semester 1  
CodeCourse DescriptionCoreCredits
MPP 501Advanced MicrobiologyY4
MPP 502Microbial Genetics and Molecular BiologyY4
MPP 503Plant and Animal Health ScienceY4
MPP 504Microbial PathogenesisY4
Part I: Semester II  
MPP 505Advanced Research MethodsY4
Applied Microbiology Option (choice of at least 3 including core courses)
MPP 506Microbial Biochemistry and PhysiologyY4
MPP 507Microbial Genomics and  Metagenomics 4
MPP 508Food and Water Safety 4
MPP 509Industrial Microbiology 4
MPP 510Environmental Microbiology 4
MPP 511Biology of Edible FungiY4
MPP 512Herbal Medicinal Products and Antimicrobial Drug Discovery 4
Applied Plant Pathology Option (choice of at least 3 including core courses)
MPP 513Advanced Plant PathologyY4
MPP 514Plant Disease Epidemiology and ManagementY4

Each student shall spend Part II on the Research Project drawn broadly from the areas of Microbiology or Applied Plant Pathology either within our laboratories, or a recognized external laboratory, or organization. A suitable Supervisor shall be appointed by the Department from amongst its staff while a co-supervisor shall be selected either from another relevant laboratory, faculty or organization where the student may choose to conduct his/her research, who will provide the student with the opportunity to learn a wide range of skills. The dissertation shall be presented both orally and in written form before a Board of Examiners.
The Dissertation must be submitted at least two months before the end of the second year of study.

Determination or results
The final degree mark shall be an aggregate of at least 8 taught courses including all core and elective courses (32 credits) and the dissertation (24 credits). The student shall therefore, require at least 52 credits to graduate.