Emmanuel Zingoni

emmanuel zingoniAcademic Profile for Zingoni Emmanuel

  • BSc Biology UZ,
  • MSc Ecology UZ


  1. Bobo E. D., Munosiyei, P., Zingoni, E. and Jinga, P. 2019. Functional characterisation of a Calmodulin-Binding Receptor-Like Cytoplasmic Kinase (GmCBRLCK1) in Glycine max (L.) Merr. using bioinformatic tools. Annals of International Science, 7, 38–47.
  2. Zingoni, E., Love, D., Magadza, C.H.D., Moyce, W., Musiiwa, K., (2005). Effects of Semiformal Urban Settlement on Ground Water Quality, Epworth (Zimbabwe). Physics & Chemistry of the Earth 30, 680-688.
  3. Love, D.,Zingoni, E.,Gandidzana, P., Magadza, C.H.D., Musisiwa, K., (2006). Impacts on Ground Water Quality and Water Supply of the Semi Formal Settlement. In Hranonoval R & Love D. (Eds) Diffuse Pollution of Water Resources: Principles and Case Studies Taylor & Francis Leiden.
  4. Moyce, W., Love, D., Nyama, Z., Musiwa, K., Manyanga, P., Ravengai, S., Wuta, M., Zingoni, E.(2006). Impacts of a Solid Waste Disposal Site and a Cemetery Ground Water Quality in Harare..In; Hranoval R & Love D.(Eds) Diffuse Pollution of Water Resources Principles and Case Studies Taylor & Francis, Leiden.

Major Research Projects

  1. An assessment of water quality of rehabilitated boreholes in Mutoko District,Zimbabwe.This project is being done with Research and Post graduate Centre together with Community Development Trust Zimbabwe.
  2. The use of micro-organisms to extract Nickel from ores and concentrates at Trojan Nickel Mine.Zimbabwe.This project is being done in partnership with Bindura Nickel Mine (Trojan) and internal and externally funded.
  3. An assessment of the effect of industrial and sewage effluent on the diversity of macro-invertebrates.A case study of Sakubva River, Mutare.

Research Highlights

Work on Mutoko boreholes was presented at the 16th Waternet/WARFSA/GWP annual conference in Mauritius.The same paper also qualified for review in the Physics and Chemistry of the earth journal in 2016

Extension Services

  • 2016 Member of the BUSE Olympiad which launched the first national round in Zimbabwe.
  • 2014-2016 Running Biology Practical Clinics for Schools in Bindura and Mashonaland West

AIBST areas of cooperation include Biotechnology and Molecular Biology