Dr Phelex Manyanga

dr phelex manyangaPhone number: +263774642454

Email:  pmanyanga@buse.ac.zw

Research publication

Manyanga P and Perold S. M. 2004. A checklist of Zimbabwean Bryophytes. Southern African Botanical Diversity Network report no. 21. SABONET. Pretoria.
Manyanga, P., Söderström, L. and Hedderson T. A. 2011. Covariation of life history characters in the family Lophoziaceace: a multivariate analysis. The Bryologist 114:583-594.

Summary of major research projects

Screening Sorghum Varieties, Wild Relatives for Resistance to Witch Weed (Striga asiatica (L) Kuntze) in Zimbabwe
Gene flow between cultivated and wild sorghum: Implications for conservation and food security


RGPC Research grant award value of US$5000