Vimbai Sharon Matswetu


  • Master of Education in Sociology – UZ
  • Bachelour of Education – UZ
  • Diploma in Education – UZ

Phone: +263 77 2584 838

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Summary of research projects

  • Matswetu V. S. (2008) Teachers’ role dilemma in the gender socialisation of pupils. The Dyke. 3(1).
  • Tambo, L.K., Munakandafa, W., Matswetu, V.S. and Munodawafa, V. (2011) Influence of type of school on self perception of mathematical ability and achievement among girls in secondary schools in Harare. Gender and Behaviour 9 (2)
  • Munodawafa, V., Munakandafa, W. & Matswetu, V.S. (2011) An exploratory survey of the effects of economic challenges on lecturer quality at a Zimbabwean university. Journal of Education 1(2)
  • Mandoga, E., Matswetu, V. S., & Mhishi, M. (2013) Challenges and opportunities in harnessing computer technologies for teaching and learning: A case of five schools in Makoni district, Zimbabwe. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 3(1).
  • Zengeya-Makuku, V., Matswetu, V.S. & Munakandafa, W. (2013) The impact of selected instructional factors on the quantity and quality of computer skills acquisition and use by university students. The International Journal of Sciences.2 (3): 42-52.
  • Chikuvadze, P. & Matswetu, V. S. (2013) Gender stereotyping and female pupils’ perception of studying Advanced level sciences: A survey of one province in Zimbabwe. Gender and Behaviour 11(2):5285-5296.
  • Matswetu, V.S., Munakandafa, W., Munodawafa, V., & Mandoga, E.(2013) Students’ expectations and coping strategies in an open and distance learning environment in Zimbabwe. Makerere Journal of Higher Education 4(2):125-137.
    Also presented at the First Interdisciplinary International Conference in Nairobi, Kenya at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Nairobi from June 26 to 30, 2012.
  • Matswetu, V. S. & Chikuvadze, P. (2014). Towards Science Education for all: Teacher support for female pupils in the Zimbabwean science class. Annals of Modern Education, 6(1):1-15.
  • Matswetu, V. S. & Katsinde, T. J. (2013). Sociological foundations of education. Module for Bachelor of Science Education students. Bindura University of Science Education..
  • Katsinde, T. J. & Matswetu, V.S. Theoretical foundations of education- sociology. Module for Diploma in Science Education students. Bindura University of Science Education. ‘Forthcoming’.

Major research projects

  • Manuscripts accepted for conference presentation
  • Chikuvadze, P. & Matswetu, V.S. Pupils’ views on parental support for females’ participation in Advanced level sciences: a survey of one province in Zimbabwe. National University of Science and Technology, International Conference on Gender mainstreaming at Higher Education Institutions beyond 2015: Equity and Equality. 16 and 17th September 2014, Elephant Hills Resort, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.
  • Matswetu, V.S., Kagaba, M. & Chikuvadze, P. Zimbabwean women’s participation and representation in politics: Lessons from Rwanda. Research and Intellectual Expo – Science, Engineering and Technology (RIE-SET) Week 2015. 2-4 Sepetember 2015, National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe.

List of extension services

1. I was the Acting chairperson of the  Department of Educational Foundations  when we facilitated a Workshop on Supervision of Arts, Commercials and Social Science subjects for PGDE students on 29 October 2014. A total of 33 BUSE lecturers from the Faculties of Commerce, Science and Science Education attended the one day workshop

2. I was the Acting Chairperson of the Department of Educational Foundations when we organised the BUSE 1st Doctoral Weekend School from the 12th held on  the 12th and 13thof December 2014.
Target group: Masters’ degree holders who may be University, Teachers’ College and Polytechnic Lecturers who aspire to do further studies.
Output: Participants are expected to work and come up with a doctoral proposal which they could submit in  applications for PhD studies.
Funding: Each participant  paid a fee to cater for accommodation and meals.

3.  I was part of the Teaching Practice committee that organised the  Part-time Teaching practice supervisor/assessors’ workshop on  29 February 2016

Research interests

Researching on the influence of issues related to gender, education and society on the learning of both male and female students.
Sexuality issues among adolescents