Master of Science Education Degree in Curriculum Studies (MScEd)

All applicants have to meet  the following minimum requirements:

  • A degree with this university or any recognizable institute with a 2.1 grade or better .
  • Must have obtained a Pass at A-Level in a subject of specialisation and have sat for an examination in at least another science subject at A-Level or their recognized equivalents;
  • OR a BSc. General with a 2.1 grade or better or BSc. Honours with selected specialisation as a major subject, plus a Grad. C.E or PGCE or PGDE.
  • B.Ed. specialising in sciences, with a 2.1 grade or better

Structure of the Programme

Code                    Description 
ME101                  Philosophical foundations of the  Curriculum
ME102                  Sociological foundations of the Curriculum
ME103                  Psychological Foundations of the Curriculum
ME106                  Educational Technology and the Science Curriculum
ME113                  Curriculum Design, analysis and Evaluation
ME104                  Measurement and Evaluation
ME105                  Comparative Education
ME201                  Management of Science Education
PC503                   Research Methods and Statistics
ME203                  Curriculum Development in Zimbabwe
ME205                  The development of scientific Thought: Implication to the Curriculum
ME370                  Dissertation