Dr. Nyikahadzoyi

Academic Profile For:  Dr. Nyikahadzoyi

  • PhD (UWC-South Africa)
  • M.Sc (Operations Research) (NUST)
  • M.Sc (Maths Ed) (UZ)
  • Bed (Maths) (UZ)
  • Cert in ED (UZ)
  • Executive Certificate in Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation (CUZ-ZIM)
  • AUCB (South Africa)

Phone: +263 774139391

Email : nyikahadzoyi@gmail.com, mnyikahadzoyi@buse.ac.zw

Areas of Specialisation

  • Primary Mathematics Education
  • Secondary Operations Research

Record of publications in the last 10 years
Title & Authors: Journal/Proceedings Name

  1. Nyikahadzoyi M. R. (1995). Fostering positive attitudes towards college mathematics and mathematics teaching. Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research, 9(4), 37 – 44.
  2. Nyikahadzoyi M. R. (2007). Continuity and progression in Science curricula from primary school to the secondary school in Masvingo Province. Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research, 19 (1), 17 – 24.
  3. Pagaga C; Nyikahadzoyi M. R. Chagwiza C (2013). The gap between the intended and the implemented Mathematics curricum in Bindura Urban High schools International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education Vol 11 No 6 : ISSN 1571-0068.
  4. Nyikahadzoyi M. R., Mapuwei T., Chinyoka M. (2013).Some Cognitive Obstacles faced by “A” level Mathematics Students in Understanding Inequalities: A case Study of Bindura urban High Schools. International Journal of Academic Research in Progressive Education and Development. Vol 2 No 2.
  5. Nyikahadzoyi M. R. (2015).A theoretical framework for understanding teachers’ knowledge of the concept of a function.International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education. Volume 13 Supplement 2: ISSN 1571-0068

Title & Authors & Conference

  1. Nyikahadzoyi, R (2012) Demystifying Mathematics and Science. Paper presented at the First National Conference of Science and Mathematics Teachers. Bindura University of Science Education. 18-19August 2012.
  2. Nyikahadzoyi M.R. (2014). How smart are the SMART objectives. A paper presented at the 2nd National Science and Mathematics Teachers’ Conference 15-18 August 2014

Nyikahadzoyi M.R.(2015). Re-engineering school mathematics for sustainable socio-economic development. Paper presented at the RESEARCH & INTELLECTUAL OUTPUTS EXPO in Bulawayo 2-4 September 2015

  1. Nyikahadzoyi M.R. (2008). A comparative analysis of the use of first and second language in Mathematics instruction in Mozambique and Zimbabwe: the case of a Zimbabwean primary school. A paper presented at 16th Conference of the Southern Africa Association for Research in Mathematics Science and Technology Education. Maseru, Lesotho, 14-17 January, 2008.
  2. Nyikahadzoyi M.R (2015) Professional development of STEM teachers at Bindura University of Science Education. A paper presented at the 2nd Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Innovation and Opportunities Conference from 16 to 18. September. Harare
  3. Nyikahadzoyi M. R. (2017) The Nature of STEM teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge. .A paper presented at the 3rd Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Conference and Expo from 27-31. September. Harare
  4. Nyikahadzoyi M. R. (2017). Best practices for averting the creativity crisis. A paper presented at the 3rd International Science and Mathematics Educators Conference on 31 August-1 September 2017. Bindura Zimbabwe
  5. Nyikahadzoyi M.R. (2017). “In-service science and Mathematics teachers’ dilemmas in implementing the Project Based Learning teaching approach. A paper presented at the Distance Education and Teachers’ Training in Africa 2017 (DETA 2017) Conference, from 22-25 August 2017 at the University of Rwanda- College of Education, Kigali, RWANDA

Title & Authors Book & ISBN
Nyikahadzoyi M. R. Mtetwa D.K. Kwari R. (2008). Mathematics Teacher Education in Zimbabwe. pp 160-183 In Willey Mwakapenda, Mercy Kazima and Jill Adler (Eds Mathematics Teacher Education across Twelve African Countries Marang Centre for Mathematics and Science: University of Witwatersrand
Nyikahadzoyi M. R. Mtetwa D.J.; Julie C., Torkildsen O.E. (2008). Prospective “A” Level Mathematics teachers’ perspectives of the concept of a function. pp 107-131
In Cyril Julie and Oyvind Mikalsen (Eds) Some Developments in Research in Science and Mathematics in Sub-Saharan Africa. African Minds. Somerset West. South Africa. ISBN 978-1-920299-29-3

List of key research projects undertaken or coordinated for the last 10 years, starting with the most recent:

  1. Dahwa J; Madondo,M.M; Masango, R.B;. Munjanganja; E.L; , Ndlovu,L. Nyikahadzoyi. M.R. (2015). Narative report on the Primary and Secondary School Curriculum review . Ministry of primary and Secondary Education. Gov of Zimbabwe. 2015
  2. Dahwa J; Madondo,M.M; Masango, R.B;. Munjanganja; E.L; , Ndlovu,L. Nyikahadzoyi. M.R. (2015). Zimbabwe Framework for Primary and Secondary Education 2015-2022. Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.Gov of Zimbabwe. 2015
  3. Programme coordinator for the Zimbabwe Science and Mathematics Teacher Capacity Development Programme. June 2014-Dec 2017

Record of postgraduate student supervision for the last 10 years, starting with the most recent:
Title or Student Role Main/Co Supervisor

  1. Current-PhD-Zimbabwean Teachers’ espoused and enacted knowledge for teaching ‘O’- Level Integrated Science – Dziva.D – Co-supervisor
  2. Current-PhD – Meeting the needs of gifted High School Mathematics students – Mareverwa V – Main Supervisor
  3. Current MSc Teacher perceptions of project-based learning .A case study of teachers at Nyava high school in Bindura district -Chamunorwiara T. – Supervisor
  4. 2017 MSc- Form 2 learners’ (mis)conceptions of a function – Josephine Mangezi – Supervisor
  5. 2017 MSC Teacher use of IKS when teaching “O” Level Geometry- Motsi T- Supervisor
  6. 2017- MSc Relationship between gender, attribution of success and student achievement in “O” Level Mathematics -Hungwe J. -Supervisor
  7. 2016 MSc Cognitive obstacles faced by ‘A’ level mathematics students when learning partial fractions- Jombo T – Supervisor
  8. 2016 MSc-Challenges Faced by Teachers in Integrating ICT in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics- Zhwawo J.- Supervisor.
  9. 2015 MSc Addressing Mathematics anxiety in secondary school learners-Hamamunda H –Supervisor
  10. 2015 MSc Teachers’ perspectives on STEM curriculum: A case study for four Zaka secondary schools -Hapana B. – Supervisor

Other Academic related experiences/achievements

  1. Competitive grant application US$2500 –Research Board BUSE 2013
  2. Erasmus Mundus mobilty scholarship 2500 euros 2015
  3. Chairperson of the Southern African Association For Research In Mathematics, Science And Technology Education (SAARMSTE) – Zimbabwe Chapter

Research Areas of interest

  1. Mathematics Teacher Knowledge
  2. Continuous Teacher professional Development
  3. Assessment in mathematics education
  4. Curriculum Implementation