Bachelor of Science Education Honours Degree – Physics (HBScEdPh) (Pre-service) Full Time: 4 years

Have passed 5 ‘O’ Levels subjects including Science, English Language and Mathematics. A Pass in A Level Physics and any other A Level subject

Part I
Code                     Description

PH101                   Mechanics and Oscillations 
PH102                   Thermal Physics and Wave Motion
PH103                   Electricity and Magnetism
PH104                   Optics and Modern Physics  
PH100a                 Physics Laboratory I
PH100b                 Physics LaboratoryII

Part II
Code                     Description

PH201                   Classical Dynamics
PH202                   Quantum Physics I
PH203                   Computer Programming
PH204                   Mathematical Physics I 
PH205                   Vector Methods and Electromegnetism  
PH206                   Electronics I
PH200a                 Physics Laboratory III
PH200b                 Physics Laboratory IV

Part III
Code                     Description

PH301                   Thermodynamics
PH302                   Quantum Physics II
PH303                   Computational Physics
PH304                   Mathematical Physics II
PH305                   Electromagnetic Theory               
PH306                 Electronics II       
PH307                   Classical Wave Motion
PH308                   Optics  
PH309                   Nuclear Physics
PH310                   Solid State Physics I
PH300a                 Physics Laboratory V
PH300b               Physics Laboratory VI 

Part IV
Code                     Description 

PH401                   Statistical Mechanics
PH402                   Solid State Physics II
PH403                   Atomic and Laser Physics
Ph370                 Research Project
PH405                   Classical Mechanics
PH406                   Environmental Physics
PH407                   Atmospheric Physics
PH408                   Medical Physics 
PH409                   Fluid Dynamics 
PH410                   Telecommunications     
PH411                   Astronomy
PH412                   Energy Sources                
PH413                   Relativity    
PH414                   Elementary Particle Physics
PH415                   Geophysics of the Solid Earth
PH416                   Instrumentation Physics