Bachelor of Science Education Honours Degree Mathematics (BscEdHMt ) (Pre-service) Full Time: 4 years

Have passed 5 ‘O’ Levels subjects including Science, English Language and Mathematics. A Pass in A Level Mathematics and any other A Level subject.

Structure of the Programme

Part I
Code                  Description

PC101                 Theoretical Foundations of Education
AS103                 Preschool & Primary School Experience
PC103                 Communication Skills
PC102                 Research Methods and Statistics
MT101                Calculus I
MT102                Linear Mathematics       
MT111                Calculus II
MT112                Mathematical Discourse & Structures
CS101                 Introduction to Computer Applications   

Part II
Code                  Description

PC201                 Introduction to the Curriculum
PC202                 General Pedagogics for Science Teaching
AS203                 Secondary School (1-4) Experience
MT201                Analysis I
MT202                Linear Mathematics II
MT211                Ordinary Differential Equations
MT212                Numerical Methods

Part III
Code                  Description 

PC301                 Curriculum Design Implementation & Evaluation              
PC303                 Pedagogics in the Teaching Subject (Mathematics)
AS303                 Secondary School (5-6) Experience
PC104                 Citizenship Education  
HS101                 HIV/AIDS Education
MT301                 Optimization
MT303                 Probability I & Statistics Theory
MT304                 Vector Calculus
MT305                 Number Theory               
MT311                 Analysis II
MT312                 Fourier Series & PGE’s  
MT313                 Statistical Inference
MT314                 Mechanics
MT315                 Algebra I
MT316                 Complex Variable
MT104                 Telematics
MT317                 Introduction to Java
MT114                 Introduction to Maths Computing
MT318                 Perturbation Theory
MT319                 Introduction To Fluid Mechanics              
MT370                 Project  

Part IV
Code                   Description

PC401                  Curriculum Issues in Science Teaching & Learning
AS403                  Final Applied Science Education
MT403                 Probability Theory II
MT413                 Linear Models
MT415                 Algebra II
MT406                 History of Mathematical Thought