Bachelor of Science Education Honours Degree – Computer Science (BScEdHCSc) (Pre-service) Full Time : 4 years

To be eligible for admission, a candidate must:

  • Have passed 5 ‘O’ Levels subjects including Science, English Language and Mathematics
  • Have a pass in A Level  Computer Science  and any other A Level subject

    Structure of the Programme

    Part I 
    Code                Narration 

    CS101             Introduction to Computer Science
    CS102             Introduction to Comp. Programming   
    CS103             Mathematical Foundation of Comp. Science
    MT100             Pre-Calculus
    MT101             Calculus
    MT102             Linear Mathematics
    PH107             Physics for Computer Science
    CS111             Operating System Concepts
    CS112             Object Oriented Programming I          
    CS113             Computer Architecture           
    CS214             Internet and Web Designing
    PH207             Electronics for Computer Science
    HS101             HIV/AIDS Education
    PC104             Citizenship Education
    PC301             Curriculum Design, Implementation & Evaluation
    PC102             Research Methods and Statistics         
    PC104             Citizenship Education

    Part II
    Code               Narration

    CS201             Database Concepts
    CS202             Management Information Systems
    CS203             Object Oriented Programming II         
    CS204             Microprocessors
    CS211             Theory of Programming Languages
    CS212             Data Communication and Networking
    CS213             Data Structures and Algorithms         
    CS216             Software Engineering
    CS217             Advanced Web Designing
    MT212             Numerical Methods
    CS413             Advanced Databases
    CS416             E-Commerce
    PC203             Advanced Pedagogics 
    PC204             History & Philosophy of Science
    AS204             Applied Science Education
    HS101             HIV/AIDS Education

    Part III
    Code               Narration

    MT204             Operations Research
    CS402             Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
    CS412             Computer Security
    CS370             Project