Bachelor of Science Education Honours Degree in Computer Science (BScEdH 4 years)

A prospective student must meet the following requirements:

  • Have obtained a Pass at A-Level in Mathematics or Computer Science and at least one of the following subjects or their recognized equivalents; Biology, Chemistry, Geography, and Physics (or Physical Science); AND
  • Have five passes at O-Level including English Language and Mathematics.

Special Entry and Mature Entry admission shall be in accordance with the General    


Structure of the Programme 

Part   I
Code                    Narration

CS101                  Introduction to Comp. Science
CS103                  Maths foundations for Comp. Science
PH107                  Physics for Computer Science   
CS111                  Operating Systems
MT100                  Pre-Calculus
PH107                  Physics for Computer Science
PC101                  Theoretical Foundations of Education    
AS103                  Preschool & Primary School Experience
PC103                  Communication Skills

Part II

CS421                  Procedural Programming         
PH207                  Electronics for   Computer Science          
CS113                  Computer Architecture    
CS212                  Data Comp. & Networking
MT101                  Calculus I
MT102                  Linear Maths I  
PH207                  Electronics for Computer Science
PC201                  Introduction to the Curriculum 
PC202                  General Pedagogics for Science Teaching
AS203                  Secondary School (1-4) Experience

Part III

CS201                  Database Concepts
CS112                  Object Orientated Programming I                   
CS214                  Web Design
CS422                  Web Programming
CS420                  System Design & Administration
CS216                  Software Engineering
CS202                  Management Information Systems
MT111                  Calculus II           
MT202                  Linear Maths II
MT212                  Numerical Methods
MT114                  Introduction to Maths Computing
MT212                  Numerical Methods
PC301                   Curriculum DesignImplementation & Evaluation               
PC303                   Pedagogics in the Teaching Subject
AS303                   Secondary School (5-6) Experience
PC104                   Citizenship Education 
HS101                   HIV/AIDS Education 

Part IV

CS203                   Object Orientated Programming II
CS416                   E – Commerce                   
CS470                   Project
PC401                    Curriculum Issues in Science Teaching & Learning             
AS403                    Final Applied Science Education