Bachelor of Science Education Honours Degree in Chemistry (HBScEd 3 years)

A prospective student must meet the following requirements:

  • Have obtained a Certificate in Education/Diploma in Education or other recognizable teaching qualification from an acceptable institution where the subject of study was strongly represented;
  • Have a pass in A-Level Chemistry;
  • Have a good pass in O-Level English and Mathematics;
  • Have had at least two years of approved teaching experience at an institution recognized by the University; and may be required to pass a written/oral entrance examination set by the University in the subject to be studied.

Structure of the Programme 

Part I    
Code                     Description

CH101                   Physical Chemistry I
CH102                   Inorganic & Analytical Chemistry I
CH103                   Organic Chemistry I
CH105                   General Chemistry
CH201                   Physical Chemistry II
CH202                   Inorganic Chemistry II
CH203                   Organic Chemistry II
CH204                   Analytical Chemistry II
CH211                   Further Physical Chemistry
PH121                   Physics for Chemists
MT109                 Mathematics for Chemists
CH212                   Further Inorganic Chemistry
PC105                    Psychological foundations of Education
PC106                    Philosophical foundations of Education
PC107                    Sociological foundations of Education
PC103                    Communication Skills

Choose ONE from the foundations

PC105                    Psychological foundations of Education
PC106                    Philosophical foundations ofEducation
PC107                    Sociological foundations of Education
PC104                    Citizenship Education
CS101                    Introduction to Computers
PC301                    Curriculum Design, Implementation and Evaluation
PC102                    Research Methods & Statistics

Part II

CH301                   Physical Chemistry III
CH302                   Inorganic Chemistry III
CH303                   Organic Chemistry III
CH304                   Analytical Chemistry III
CH311                   Advanced Physical Chemistry
CH312                   Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CH323                   Advanced Organic Chemistry
CH324                   Advanced Analytical Chemistry
CH313                   Further Organic Chemistry
CH314                   Further Analytical Chemistry
PC301                    Curriculum Design, Implementation & Evaluation
PC206                    Pedagogics in Science Teaching
AS203                    Secondary School Experience

Students should select an equivalent of at least four (4) credits from the following courses, whichever are on offer.

CH421                   Atmospheric Chemistry
CH422                   Bio-Inorganic Chemistry
CH423                   Medicinal Chemistry
CH424                   Environmental Chemistry
CH433                   Synthetic Methods & Advanced Spectroscopy
CH442                   Further Solid State Chemistry
CH451                   Industrial Process Chemistry
CH461                   Catalysis & Corrosion Chemistry
PC203                    Advanced Pedagogics
PC204                    History & Philosophy of Science
PC205                    Educational Management
AS204                    Applied Science Education
HS101                    HIV/AIDS Education

Part III

CH370                   Research Project
AS403                    Final Applied Science Education
PC401                    Curriculum Issues in Science Teaching &
PC104                    Citizenship Education