Bachelor of Science Education Honours Degree in Biological Sciences (HBScEd – 3 Years)

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for admission, a candidate must have:

  • obtained a Certificate in Education/Diploma in Education or other recognizable teaching qualification from an acceptable institution where the subject of study was strongly represented;
  • have a pass in ‘A’ Level Biology;
  • have a good pass in ‘O’ Level English Language and Mathematics;
  • have had at least two years of approved teaching experience at an institution recognized by the University; and
  • may be required to pass a written/oral entrance examination set by the University in the subject to be studied.

Part I
Code                     Description

 PC301                    Curriculum Design, Implementation & Evaluation
PC102                    Research Methods and Statistics             
PC104                    Citizenship Education
BZ101                    Diversity of Life I
BZ102                    Diversity of Life II
BZ411                    Entomology & Parasitology
BZ312                    Plant Physiology
BZ313                    Invertebrate Biology
BZ314                    Virology & Immunology
BZ202                    Plant Form & Function  
BZ204                    Vertebrate Biology
BZ205                    Evolutionary Botany
BZ107                    Molecular & Cell Biology
BZ108                    Genetics             
BZ409                   Human and Social Biology
BZ315                    Molecular Genetics
BZ410                    Agricultural Biology

Part 11

PC203                    Advanced Pedagogics
PC204                    History & Philosophy of Science
PC205                    Educational Management
AS204                    Applied Science Education
HS101                    HIV/AIDS Education
BZ312                    Plant Physiology
BZ311                    Animal Physiology
BZ201                    Ecology
BZ310                    General Microbiology
BZ308                    Biomathematics              
BZ407                    Biotechnology
BZ408                    Applied Bacteriology & Mycology
BZ412                    Applied Ecology
BZ420                    Readings in Biology
BZ421                    Lab Based Research Project

Part III

BZ370 or PC370 Project