Bachelor of Science Education Honours Degree – Geography (BScEdHGg) (Pre-service) Full Time : 4 years

A prospective student must meet the following requirements:

  • Have obtained a Pass at A-Level in Geography and any other subject,
  • Have 5 O-Level passes including English Language and Mathematics

Structure of the Programme

Part I
Code                     Narration

GG111                  Physical Systems of the Environment
GG112                  Introduction to Human Geography
GG151                  Geographical Techniques I
GG152                  Geographical Techniques II
GG214                  Aspects of Physical Geography  
GG216                  Aspects of Social Geography
GG314                  Economic Geography
PC103                    Communication Skills    
PC105                    Psychological Foundations of Education
PC106                    Philosophical Foundations of Education  
PC107                    Sociological Foundations of Education

Part II

GG251                  Geographical Techniques III
GG252                  Geographical Techniques IV
GG312                  Environmental Geomorphology 
GG313                  Urban Studies  
GG315                  Agricultural Geography
GG316                  Advanced Social Geography 
GG410                  Tourism and Environment           
GG412                  Hydrology and Water Management       
GG418                  Microclimatology
PC104                    Citizenship Education    
PC301                    Curriculum Design, Implementation and Evaluation        
PC206                    Pedagogics in Science Teaching 
AS205                    Secondary School Teaching
HS101                    HIV/AIDS Education

Part III

GG311                  Climatology       
GG316                  Advanced Social Geography
GG317                  Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management
GG318                  Soil Geography
GG319                  Introduction to Remote Sensing and GIS
GG351                  Geographical Techniques V
GG414                  Environmental Management     
PC401                    Curriculum Issues in Science      
AS403                    Final Applied Science Education